Is this Nokia Lumia PureView? We hope not

06 April, 2012
Leaked images supposedly reveal the design and specs of Windows Phone-based Nokia Lumia PureView.

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  • aujay

it's hideous!!! LOL!

  • Lumiaman

Ugly desing, just design Lumia 900 with pureview similar than N8 and I buy it right away.

  • Jonas

I like the design, a lot actualy !
It stands out from the crowd, hope the specs are real and it will come soon.. my N8 is getting worn out

  • bobdegrau

I like this strange phone. This will be my next phone even for extra price. 1st The camera (I am user of N82 and N8); 2nd The looks - new design (which is rare); 3rd 4.3"AMOLED; 4th Nokia Maps - free GPS;

  • Anonymous

(Neat Design)

  • f76

This design is awesome, WP8 will be great and PureView is even better. For me it's a sure buy.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-47474, 09 Apr 2012i dont like it booooooo NOKIAThose fools who like the plain vanilla whites of the dated iphone will not like it...Grow up to something new. Excellent design...Looks neat...

  • Anonymous

Ravenge, 09 Apr 2012This is a 41MP camera sensor, if you expect it to have the norma... moreI quite agree, it looks like a new design and only Nokia could have dared to try it out.

  • AnonD-1420

Anonymous, 07 Apr 2012Are you kidding? "Samsung-Always classy design?" You m... moreThis comment is so true. Knowing they can't possibly fit PureView in a standard black rectangle they're trying for something different like the curved Nexus S and Xperia Arc. I like the look of this phone and it's good to see someone brave enough to try a distinctive design.

  • Ravenge

This is a 41MP camera sensor, if you expect it to have the normal size you may be up for a real surprise. The design is really not ugly, and I'm certain a photographer would rather use this than the overrated and worn out Iphone design.

  • Anonymous

i think you should see it in your hands to judge about it.
surely there is a reason behind this design.
what do you think ?

  • oh....

i tot i got an accute crocked eyesight...well, it was before i read the article.

dun get me wrong, i'm actually quite impressed that nokia is so daring to go for such a design. anyway, i still like the design of my c7 - the best ever. i just hope it will be possible to get pureview in c7's design.

  • AnonD-14720

It is shaped like that so that it can fit nicely at the back pockets behind butt...

  • AnonD-47474

i dont like it booooooo NOKIA

  • shaks

looks like my shaver !

  • anonim

This should be named "RAZOR", instead of those Motorolas

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Apr 2012Are you kidding? "Samsung-Always classy design?" You m... morethey are shocked in disbelief. i don't understand why they are all so concerned. they will not buy nokia no matter what.

  • Verbal_Criminal

PS> am an android fanboy

Nokia Prism

King of all stylish phones-Nokia 7280

Weird And Stylish - Nokia 7380

Nokia 3250 review: Rubik's phone

Here are the other weird phone designs.
It didn't hurt them so i'm pretty much sure this
Lumia pureview if it is real won't hurt them much.
Try searching them here in the site and look at how
weird the designs on these handsets compared to what you see now.

Nokia 7700
Nokia 3300
Nokia 6800
Nokia 3650

  • AnonD-21645

To be honest, it's eye-catching if nothing else...

The only complaint I have is with the choice of colours - way too fluorescent...

A dark red, blue, etc. would suit this...


I have to say, as an owner of a GS2... I'd give it a whirl for a year or two!

Nothing wrong with different, especially if it's functional too!

  • Jhon

I like the design !! :) It's unusual but in a good way.