Android 10 update with One UI 2.0 now hitting unlocked Samsung Galaxy S10 models in the US

23 December 2019
The rollout comes only a few days after carriers sent the update out.

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I received the update (Galaxy S10e, TMO MVNO, USA) on Christmas morning, so thank you Santa. I am not noticing any major difference, probably b/c I do not use hand gestures. I didn't know about the screen recorder until I read this. That feature intrigues me...

Fritz, 31 Dec 2019no change. Good to hear. Thanks.

Trump Fan 1980, 24 Dec 2019Have you noticed better, worse, or the same battery life so far?no change.

Fritz, 24 Dec 2019Did my todayHave you noticed better, worse, or the same battery life so far?


  • Billy

uk7866, 24 Dec 2019I find this very hard to believe..Pls don't come to me with that kind of attitude since I'm the one suffering from this lack of quality control. My money is wasted here do you honestly think a long term supporter of android and Samsung would just chose to write such things. Use your head. And in future before you go on choosing to be blasphemous to people you don't know remember that some of us were early adopters of the tech you use now before it was even popular, damn KID!

  • AnonD-784107

Its a weird one. Since the Android 10 update. My camera has done weird thing. Doesnt seem as sharp. Also slight shutter lag.

Also now available for unlocked Note10+ here in the Philippines. What was originally scheduled for February ended up being an early Christmas gift from Samsung.

Billy, 24 Dec 2019Well here in South Africa the android 10 update on vodacom ... moreI find this very hard to believe..

  • Billy

Well here in South Africa the android 10 update on vodacom completely ruin my Galaxy S10+. I really regret "updating" my cellphone to top it all off even the Google app won't run keeps closing and giving me a pop up message and the worst part is the galaxy storefront run as well. I feel horrible about buying a Samsung handset now. I wish this phone can just go away and out of my life now. My hard earned money was wasted on this thing, Samsung has got sloppy on software quality their whole business model has gotten skiddish lately I used to support what they stood for heck I bought S4, Note 4, S7 edge and they were great but their current devices just left me gutted and want to change to something else maybe Sony or apple coz samsung just plays dirty now and I lost my money on their S10+ coz it's barely useable and there constant restarts are new and unfair to me. Their rushed update is a mess.

  • Galaxy s10+

I recived today and it's amazing.

Did my today