LG V60 ThinQ to be unveiled with 5G support and improved DualScreen at MWC 2020

24 December 2019
It will likely have the Snapdragon 865 SoC at the helm.

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It seems that LG is still not getting the point, people do not need your dual screen, just build another LG G2 with a bigger screen, better camera and you will find yourself on the right track.

    good but very few people will buy lg now a days....

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      • Anonymous
      • I8m
      • 25 Dec 2019

      LG what happened. The v30 was a sign of moving forward... Now with every model after that it's just small upgraded, side steps of recycling, and even some downgrades.

        No typical LG software BS, better camera or simple access to GCam, keep the jack, drop the notch and I am willing to go back to LG.

          Crapsung Lagging , 24 Dec 2019Buying joystick is so much better and cheaper :)True, though the second screen could be used for much more than just games

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            • Crapsung Lagging
            • vgN
            • 24 Dec 2019

            Buying joystick is so much better and cheaper :)