Best phones of 2019: The Winners

29 December 2019
Our readers selected the best flagship, the best midranger, and the best entry-level smartphone of 2019.

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  • 29 Dec 2019

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    • 29 Dec 2019

    again people doesnt know... best midranger mediatek? good luck with that!

      1.Best premium smartphone Galaxy note 10+, Runner up one plus 7t pro
      2.Best mid range smartphone Realme X2, Runner up Redmi k20
      3.Best entry level smartphone Realme C2, Runner up Redmi 8

        A50 is the best midranger of 2019

          I can see honor view 20 is one of the best flagship smartphone in this year
          Powerful chippset.good camera.and now upgradable to Android 10.
          Also perfect performance for heavy gammers

            Ladies & Gentlemen... What can I say... Mediatek are back with big bang... Chinese companies are right up there too...

            Samsung note 10+ outstanding phone with 5g availability.

            Great to see android is a preference.

            But we have 2020 now... And mind blowing phones from the east about to be launched with another quantum leap from the Android community in all shapes and sizes. Catering to almost everyone's needs.

            2020 is going to be a year of surprises... If your carrier is ignorant to other epic handsets. Order online. Something like Aliexpress. And get the best Sim deal.

            You know it makes sense.

            The best phones are usually from abroad... With the best specs.

            Some truly wonderful technologies and innovations are coming your way. Especially from Android handsets. Congratulations.