First renders of Apple's 2020 iPad Pros show triple cameras

27 December 2019
The iPad Pro is getting the iPhone 11 Pro camera setup.

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  • 04 Mar 2020

this apple iPad has great design and looks just like the iPhone 11 pro

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    • 64 gb
    • Ki1
    • 26 Jan 2020

    64gb wifi only for $

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      • Frankly Lin
      • sAI
      • 25 Jan 2020

      Dr.AliRashid, 30 Dec 2019first in line to buy!!! this will be a super addition to my... moreand double charge your patient lol!

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        • sBS
        • 01 Jan 2020

        This tablet looks like iPad 11 Pro Max

          I've been wanting to buy the ipad pro 11, but always held back because I didnt want to get into the whole idea of transferring files into iOS, never liked iOS, never will, too much boundaries.
          well now, since the unbelievable awesome cameras of iphone 11 pro are here, I can take pictures from this tab directly, edit and post, finally. I've been doing all this on my note 8 since 2 years now, but i need a bigger screen to show off the work I do to my patients, aaandd watch netflix.

            first in line to buy!!! this will be a super addition to my clinic

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              • p7d
              • 29 Dec 2019

              Anonymous, 28 Dec 2019You do realize that switching between different cameras is ... moreSorry but you are wrong and even your mi note 10 proves it. Everytime when you switch Lens it jumps to different Lens and it feels like you are using different cameras instead one because the zoom doesn't come from center, you need to move your phone to get same position.

              Because all iPhone Pro lens zoom start from center you don't have that small movement when you switch Lens, with 11 it feels like you are using only one camera because of that.

              Just look this huawei video

              Then for comparison this iPhone 11 pro max huge difference, that's coming from hardware.

              Also for same reason new iPhones have feature called crop out from frame. Because all the cameras are aligned perfectly with each other so you can take photo with ultra wide and normal camera in same time. Which means you can add more to your photo later which you didn't see when you took the photo. This feature actually have saved many of my photos.

              Sorry it's both hardware and software thing and that's why there isn't Android phone having such a smooth zoom. But new galaxy will have same camera arrangement and very likely it will have same kind of very smooth zoom.

                Apple removes features, people go nuts.
                Apple adds features, people still find something to hate.
                I'm not an Apple fan, but they're clearly doing a good job at offering more for the same price, and it's a much better thing than what they're doing before.
                Who the hell cares if it looks ugly? (I don't even find it any ugly at all, but whatever)
                The thing doesn't even affect their personal experience with the iPad, as majority of iPad users interact with the screens most of the time, and having 3 cameras neither makes the whole thing 200 grams heavier nor loose 4000mAh battery capacity.
                But hey, everyone's free to express their opinions....

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                  • 4rH
                  • 29 Dec 2019

                  Actually upgrading Camera does not need on iPad. The real thing need to upgrade is the display. Display should change from LCD to XDR OLED. It will be more convenience to users who spend most of the time on drawing or playing game or reading on iPad pro. I thought they will upgrade the screen this time but now they are really disappointment to users. Always do the same thing that letting down whenever new model come out.

                    Apple Gone MAD .

                    I dont want cameras at all on my Ipad Pro , this only makes the tablet more expensive , and now 3 cameras ? for what price huh ?

                    Hey Apple if you are seeing this , make an ipad PRO with same CPU power but no cameras at all please.

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                      • y$f
                      • 29 Dec 2019

                      Such unnecessary for tablet. I hardly use the camera on my iPad 6. It will just add more useless cost.

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                        • wr1
                        • 29 Dec 2019

                        The triple cam idea is great, and it's great if they didn't change the prices, however:

                        - The design is inappropiate for a tablet, need to rework it, make it like the Tab S6
                        - The tablet's back is curved, I wonder how they'll fit all three cameras in that iPad
                        - That thing is still fragile!

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                          • XRg
                          • 28 Dec 2019

                          Anonymous, 27 Dec 2019"Lol the arrangement of camera doesn't matter when it comes... moreYou do realize that switching between different cameras is seamless (that is software part), how the cameras are physically aligned doesn't affect switching between cameras.

                          Even if they are aligned in a row, switching from Ultrawide to telephoto will be seamless (since it's software dependent) hardware arrangement will simply force you to move your phone by a couple of centimeters to accommodate the shot which is marginal. Normal shake when holding the phone gives you more artifacts than switching between cameras. Only when using with a stationary tripod your field of view will change slightly where you might need to readjust. This is an absolute non issue.

                          Usually telephoto and Main sensor are required to be besides each other since they are supported by OIS.

                          Mi Note 10 with 5 cameras aligned vertically doesn't have any problems without ugly gas burner design.

                            Anonymous, 28 Dec 2019It's an upgrade with the same price. Why not. Are you sure about the price? Because the iPhone series don't price the same

                              YAYYYY!!!!For the ANNOYING sports parents who drag their IPAD to events and block views using a TABLET to take video or photos.

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                                • Ozor
                                • gDe
                                • 28 Dec 2019

                                I am a fan & I like it. I am going for one. Tnx Apple team

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                                  • T6s
                                  • 28 Dec 2019

                                  Scot , 27 Dec 2019Triple camera on an iPad seems unnecessary. It goes towards... moreIt's an upgrade with the same price. Why not.

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                                    • p7d
                                    • 28 Dec 2019

                                    YUKI93, 28 Dec 2019I always remember people would joke about taking photos usi... moreThat's great for video people, seeing what you shoot from such a big screen is very good. Also taking photos with iPad is great for same reason.

                                    I've tried it once when i took photos of my cousin kids when we did "photoshoot" i wouldn't use iPad in public, but it doesn't change the fact that using such a big screen for taking photos or shooting videos makes big difference, you see everything so clearly.

                                    But Yes i think video people are going to use it lot more than photo people.

                                      I always remember people would joke about taking photos using a tablet. If this is for real, I'm not sure what to say anymore.

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                                        • XRg
                                        • 28 Dec 2019

                                        Scot, 28 Dec 2019I guess I wish they had skipped this feature. Apple are not... moreYou think Apple would charge less had they removed cameras?
                                        They ain't lowering prices. Enough sheep who buy them.
                                        So if you are getting triple cameras, embrace it, don't give them any ideas, they might remove the cameras altogether next year and still keep the same price