New Samsung Galaxy S11+ image shows actual camera setup

27 December 2019
The S11+ will feature a quad-cam setup with a more streamlined appearance compared to previous renders.

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  • Anonymous

All these design are Crapple copied position.
I appreciate Nokia 9 PV with a unique design camera setup which is awesome and industry first. Good work nokia

[deleted post]I agree camera bumps are ugly in Q4 2019 and from the leaks I've seen they might get uglier in 2020. But It's not even released yet and you talk about price???
Samsung and Apple flagships are totally times better than your Redmi Note 8.

  • Levy

travstr, 27 Dec 2019ok this actually looks so so clean 😁 Samsung are reall... moreNah, the queen will retain the crown for the foreseeable future.

[deleted post]Ok, keep your ad filled Redmi Note8.

I don't care how many lenses it has, as long as it takes great pictures, makes phone calls and does the mobile web is all I care about.

Oh add in good battery life with wireless and a SD card slot, I'm happy.

  • Black on black

They should make the cameras rectangle same color as the phone.

  • Anonymous

Looks like Huawei's...

ok this actually looks so so clean 😁 Samsung are really coming for the crown next year huh

That doesn't look so bad. I hope they call it Galaxy S20+.

Match the number with the current year. Apple should do the same. Call next year's iPhone 20 for 2020. Get rid of the S-line. Do what automobiles do. Even do it in Roman numeral like XX so we can have an iPhone Triple X in 10+ years. Apple can finally offer us an iPhone SE XXX.

All phones now probably got the same design nothing special

Nick Tagataka, 27 Dec 2019Now this design definitely looks a LOT better than the previous ... moreYeah.. We saw the samples 2x samples of 108 mp's and 64 mp's were pretty amazing

  • Stieren Diana

I prefer the left picture...

  • Anonymous

Huawei has best camera ever

  • Anonymous

Just cover the whole damn back with camera sensors already!!!

Now this design definitely looks a LOT better than the previous leak! But unfortunately this also confirms the lack of 2/3x telephoto lens, meaning it's most likely it will suffer from the same quality loss issue as P30 Pro did at 2-5x zoom range. Let's see how well Samsung will be able to make up for it using its new 108MP sensor.

  • Anonymous

its easy to fake these leaks if you are the only one uploading them to the internet, you need to master photoshop and an imagination

  • anonymous

lmao 9-1 bayer tech, camera quality will be ruined by samsung's excessive image smoothing algorithm

  • Anonymous

These new camera bumps are an eyesore. They look like tumors.

It looks like my body: tough