Happy New Year 2020!

01 January 2020
Here’s to another 12 months of happy moments.

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Happy *hiccup* New *hiiccuppp... @@@!

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Happy New Year GSMArena Team!!

GSMArena once again, Happy New Year to the entire team.

I have been a fan of this technology forum since around the Nokia 3310 days and one of (if not the most) my most favourite reviews was your Nokia 6230. Your website is the ONLY website I know and trust for accurate specifications and the best reviews. Thank you and continue the excellent work now and always. You are the best.

Happy New Year to GSMA Team and all the GSMA Fans.

Thank you for giving us the latest updates and bringing us together as fans.

Peace V.

Happy 2020 #GSMArena Team!
It's been so many years; I guess nearly 20 years. Thank you for your efforts for giving us all the reviews, news, and amazing comparison tools. Thank you :)

Happy twentytwenty, GSMArena team!! Thank you for publishing the (already great) android app of the site last year. Let's hope the decade brings amazing new tech to our pockets and hands.

Thank you GSMArena team. Happy and Prosperous New Year 2020!

Happy New Year guys. All the best for 2020.

Thank you guys for all your hard work, really appreciate it! You've kept me up-to-date with all the latest news, no bias or anything bad whatsoever - only facts and whatever that mattered. Thank you, Happy New Year! :-)

I certainly hope that my go-to mobile news site and device documentation hub continues to thrive for the foreseeable future and stays far from what made other sites toxic, such as infomercials posing as actual journalism, obvious bias, clickbait article titles, sensationalism, paywalls and adblocker blocking. And hoping for some kind of voluntary subscription that does not grant any privileges over those who don't pay.

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Happy New Year Team gsmarena,
Hope you continue to keep us updated with techs as you have been doing over the years.

Happy New Year to GSM arena team and all the fellow Readers: :)

Happy New Year to everyone here. I know in the Philippines, they already celebrated the new year like 12 hours ago. I'm in California so we still have about 4 hours left.

I just hope the 2020s can feel distinctive from the 2000s and 2010s. It seems the last real decade was the 1990s and the last truly distinguishable one was the 1980s.

Let's have another ROARING TWENTIES! Time to do the Charleston...


^ The original Crip Walk! Hehe! Let's just pray there is not another Crash of '29.

Here are my favorite phones of the 2010s -
1. Google Pixel 3 (2018)
2. Essential Phone (2017)
3. LG G5 (2016)
4. Xiaomi Mi 3 (2013)
5. LG V20 (2016)
6. Apple iPhone SE (2016)
7. Google Pixel (2016)
8. HTC One M7 (2013)
9. Apple iPhone 4 (2010)
10. Nexus One (2010)

I owned 7 phones released in 2016.

Here are phones I owned in this decade that didn't make the cut...

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge (2016)
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (2013)
Google Nexus 4 (2012)
Microsoft Lumia 640 (2015)
Motorola Moto E4 (2017)
Motorola Moto E2 (2015)
LG G3 Beat (2014)
Nokia Lumia 635 (2014)
Samsung Focus (2010)
Sharp Aquos Crystal (2014)
Palm Pixi Plus (2010)
Asus Zenfone Go ZB450KL (2016)

I owned the LeEco Le S3 (2016) and HTC 10 (2016) for like two days before returning them both. I also owned a few local Filipino branded phones like the Cherry Mobile Flare (2012) and MyPhone QTV38 (2011). I was also given an Apple iPhone 5 (2012) that I didn't use and eventually sold.

My favorite year in smartphones in this decade? I probably will say 2016 because I owned 7 of them released that year. But I thought 2010-2014 were fantastic years too especially 2011 because it gave us the first Galaxy Note, Xperia Play, PlayBook, Nokia N9, Palm Pre 3, etc.

It's funny how I say 2016 is my favorite year and how I generally didn't like phones released from 2017-2019 but two of my favorites were released those years. I think 2016 was really the last year to offer headphone jack and not give us all-glass backs. The last to offer removable battery from LG.

As for my personal life, my most crazy year of this decade was 2012. I partied a little too much especially with girls. Not my most proud time. Maybe if I was still 20, I'd boast about it all day. Not at 39. My personal favorite year is probably 2013 and 2017 but I did enjoy 2015, 2016, 2018, and 2019 enough.

If I had to split the decade and pick from 2010-2014 vs 2015-2019, I would say I had more fun with tech and my personal life in the earlier part of this decade (it still is 2019 where I live as I type this). But I like myself as a person and my current situation far more during the last 3 years. More boring, but more stable and less stressful.

The key to my current happiness? Don't have another psycho girlfriend!

Happy New Year..

  • kenLi

Happy new year team!!

"Another year is upon us and another cultural decade begins. "

Yep it's a new decade...

Happy new year everyone

Happy New Year to Everyone

  • Andrew

happy new year! :)

Happy New Year to you Gsmarena Team!!