Weekly poll: what will be the most exciting feature of 2020 smartphones?

05 January 2020
100+ MP cameras or 120Hz screens? 100W charging or foldable phones?

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  • Anonymous

Dometalican, 05 Jan 2020Nothing to be honest. That's why I didn't vote. I'd rather ... moreCurved rear panels have limitations.
This design (Htc One M8, LG G Flex, Sony XZ2, Asus zenfone 2) leaves more empty space inside.
You wont be able to pack a 4400mAh (not even using a much higher density battery which provides less cycles than lesser density of same capacity).
You wont to be able to put 3 or 4 rear cameras.

  • Anonymous

Jason, 05 Jan 2020smartphones are definitely out of ideas. These features are... moreThere are ideas.
But there are also much more limitations ( design, size, weight and price).

Smartphones have already been perfected.

  • Anonymous

Why just sub-6GHz 5G? Iphone and Xperia will also work with mmWave.

  • Jason

smartphones are definitely out of ideas. These features are gimmicks and do nothing to truly change the way we use our phones. Smartphones are already a lot of stuff as it is! Sadly all we are going to get is superficial improvements from this point on.

  • Harpoon

The Android Freak, 05 Jan 2020Are you fine with side mounted pop up camera? Well it is not side mounted but top mounted camera mechanism. And yes, i am happy. A have phone not for a long time and i have not tested it fully, but i am happy for now. Maby i would like little bit more batery capacity.

  • adul

lazarenko, 05 Jan 2020What I would like to see in 2020 is at least a one normal c... moreplus 4000+ mah lipo battery

  • Love the Community

[deleted post]You're quite an uncommon one. I'm glad there's still people who'd rather walk/drive miles to converse to family/friends instead of conveniently using the front cam to talk to friends without going anywhere which is what society is commonly doing. Sure FB Video Chat is averagely serviceable but at least I still keep my overseas family, and friends in touch with that.

P.S. I used a PC btw and I rarely use the selfie cam but at least it's there, just in case.

  • reddwarf2300282

SpiritWolf, 05 Jan 2020Just ditch front cameras, at least for some models. Million... moreExactly. I use front camera 2 times per year. I would rather have no front camera than hole in display.

[deleted post]Doing Skype interviews is a recipe to disaster. Sound cutting out, you missing half sentences and sounding a bit behind when you keep saying, "what?", and leaving long pauses because of network lag. So yes, I definitely prefer meeting people face to face when it's important. Bad example.
Front facing cameras has a lot of uses, mostly personal ones.

  • Anon

Phones with 4000/5000 mah+ batteries
Not included in options

Just ditch front cameras, at least for some models. Millions of people don't use it and voila! punch hole vs notch dilemma would be solved.

  • Jacktackle

Night vision camera.
All fiber mobile just a glass bar
And yes, looking forward for 3D shooters like evo 3d
Last but not least, a 7" LG G Flex for true cinema experience.
Holographic is n e where near???

  • pan

YUKI93, 05 Jan 2020Yes, that is why I still don't embrace super fast charging.... moreagree... i dont change phone often, so my interest is on battery longevity... z5 premium still works for me, as well as z3, but my z1 compact cannot last a day already... these have no battery care technology yet... this is one of the reasons i want xperia to continue as i find it worth to use... but it wont work that way to people who loves software support, as android phones only have about 2-3 years of software support...

  • pan

i cannot choose... all listed features are welcome but it does not give me the "joy" i want to feel...
cameras of 2019 are decent... depends on user's skill, really
underdisplay is also good as it will remove the popups and holes and notches, will have little to no bezel... but i am good with bezel and flat screen...
foldable is good, i just dont find it useful... yet...
high refresh rate... good to have too... option for slower refresh rate is also good for a battery priority tasks...
fast charging?... as long as it will not deteriorate the battery faster... as it will have more battery cycle...
AR replacing VR... good for those who find it useful... tango project?

  • AnonD-833125

YUKI93, 05 Jan 2020Yes, that is why I still don't embrace super fast charging.... moreDo you change your phone once per 4 years?
Just asking.

None on the poll but here's an unpopular opinion: Dual-display, just like the Nubia z20 should become mainstream. Dual display [front and rear] without having the "curves", just a flat display with a small bezel on the sides is much better. This eliminates the front-cam but will make more use of the already existing superior rear camera set-up with OIS, wide angle and the tele, etc.

  • Dometalican

The Android Freak, 05 Jan 2020I agree with you on 90Hz and 120Hz. It's not worth the batt... more2 things:

1. The ROG 2 definitely lasts longer than that with that battery. I can kiiiiinda see the OnePlus doing that but Asus is better than that.

2. At least the beauty of the higher refresh rates is that you can reduce it back to 60hz in the options if it doesn't work out.

I don't disagree with you that it's not ENTIRELY important but it's a nice perk.

  • Dometalican

Nothing to be honest. That's why I didn't vote. I'd rather a smartphone company go back to their roots (stares beyond in HTC). I'd love to see HTC bring back the HTC One Max and M8 with updated flagship specs for cheap where the M8 is the compact while the Max is the ultimate 6.2" 16:9 ratio phone. Headphone jack, IR Blaster, front-facing stereo speakers, making the phones with durable metal (don't care about wireless charging as long as the 3.5mm jack is there), 3 cameras in the back, 2 in front, and upgraded 32-bit DAC. As long as global bands are involved, I'd be sold with that.

  • Anonymous

Nothing at all, everything about phones in 2020 so far sounds like hot garbage.