Weekly poll: what will be the most exciting feature of 2020 smartphones?

05 January 2020
100+ MP cameras or 120Hz screens? 100W charging or foldable phones?

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  • lazarenko

What I would like to see in 2020 is at least a one normal compact phone. Something like this: 4.7 inch 16:9 oled screen, small bezels (not too small) without notches and curved display edges, 3.5 mm headphone jack, aluminium side, Android OS. If something like that is ever going to be released I will buy it immediatly. Is there anyone who would like to see such a phone or am I the only one?

  • Anonymous

YUKI93, 05 Jan 2020Yes, that is why I still don't embrace super fast charging.... moreWhy are you not replacing your phone monthly or every other month?


Furiounx, 05 Jan 2020Battery degradation here we come! Woohoo!!!Yes, that is why I still don't embrace super fast charging. On short term like 1 or 2 years, it's not much a problem. But in the long term like 3 or 4 years, it can be an issue.

- Smartphone cameras of today is still a joke since manufacturers are focusing way more about the software instead of the hardware. Don't bother giving three-digit MP camera when the processed output looks like a smeared water painting rather than a sharp and detailed photograph.
- Under display selfie camera sounds good, but we are yet to see one in action so I couldn't comment on that any further.
- Foldable is the one to look forward. Samsung needed second attempt to get the Galaxy Fold right, while Huawei only sold the Mate X in China right now. Motorola got the design right, but the spec isn't that impressive.
- High refresh rate screen only works when gaming, cannot see any true application of high Hz at all for the rest of the time. The end.
- Faster charging would be fine, but I just hope that the Samsung Galaxy Note7 fiasco wouldn't happen again in the future. I'm waiting for Samsung with their graphene battery technology.
- AR makes much more sense than VR, just look at Google Lens and Huawei HiVision. But that needs more work with AI since it's more miss than hit most of the time.

Definitely foldable screen smartphones all the way. Smartphones are getting so big that it's now impossible to put inside my trouser pocket, and I'm not even wearing a tight trouser. I'm not that kind of person.

IpsDisplay, 05 Jan 2020Seriously people.. why would you be most excited for under ... moreBattery degradation here we come! Woohoo!!!

AnonD-833125, 05 Jan 2020Compact phones. No glass or metallic back. Low price. At mo... moreBy what you're describing I'm not sure you need anything more than a midranger :/

Whackcar, 05 Jan 2020Although under-display cameras are welcome. I don't see how... moreI agree with you on 90Hz and 120Hz. It's not worth the battery drain. Having used One Plus 7T/Realme X2 Pro/Asus ROG 2, higher refresh rate is just a gimmick in my opinion. Battery doesn't last even for 5 hours on heavy browsing on WiFi. On Cellular Data, it just last 3 and half hours. Charging needs to be slowed down as well.

Fast charging, screen refresh rate, multiple cameras, no bezel, folding/ screen, 8K capability - all of that coming is now obvious. What can surprise however may be new sensors, better AI and apps that use it and AR gaming that in combination with 5G may create what smart glasses were not able to... though I still hope there is some progress in that field.

Pabliell, 05 Jan 2020What about using durable materials, so we don't have to put... moreGet rugged case. Invest some money.

Love the Community, 05 Jan 2020Though I already have a 120hz smartphone. 2020 should be ab... moreI don't think 5G will be real even in 2021. Let's see what happens. Bigger batteries and better optimization is the hour of need. All the smartphones(even One Plus) have half baked software these days. These needs to be stopped. Launch only two three phones per year and make them perfect in every sense from price to value ratio.

I am actually waiting for successor to snapdragon 675/665/670 for sub-200 dollar phone.

  • Camera

108-144MP Telephoto camera with 5-10x optical zoom, 100-200x Hybrid

Mm, 05 Jan 2020Longer lasting batteries maybeThat's the need of hour and 5G. Probably 4500 and 5000 should be trend on each smartphone with 5G capabilities. Most smartphones with 4G capability have 4000 battery and that's good enough for one day's of usage. Fast charging till 18Watt is fine. Above that it's completely not needed from life cycle of battery. Over night charging with 10Watt charger is fine. Or else get secondary trap budget phone if you want which has 5000 battery life for evening usage. Redmi 8/8A will do fine in that regards. Phone will go on for three days if used from evening to midnight.

Harpoon, 05 Jan 2020No need to worry about notched screen. Reading through op7 pro.Are you fine with side mounted pop up camera?

5T, 05 Jan 2020Waiting for that UDC from OnePlus so i can finally upgradeYou mean OPPO because OnePlus just copy-paste everything from OPPO and Vivo and takes Thier credit fucking overrated company

  • Anonymous

KebabSLO, 05 Jan 2020What about that new batteries ? Why didn't you include thos... moreBecause graphene batteries almost definitely aren't going to appear in 2020 smartphones, since the technology is not yet ready.

  • NichtsGemacht

Camera improvements are great but what I would really like to see would be improvements to the Android OS or even a new contender in the OS field

More battery capacity or new graphene one. The longer battery life the less it needs to recharge, and less cycle count.

Seriously people.. why would you be most excited for under display cameras this will barely improve user experience

It's just some little party trick that'll get old real quick

Fast charging is where it's at

  • Anonymous

High refresh rate panels for me, absolutely. That smoothness is just... So. Good.

  • Harpoon

No need to worry about notched screen. Reading through op7 pro.