Weekly poll: what will be the most exciting feature of 2020 smartphones?

05 January 2020
100+ MP cameras or 120Hz screens? 100W charging or foldable phones?

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  • Damien

A new os would be welcome or even the evolution of symbian or tizen.

how about projector?

What about that new batteries ? Why didn't you include those on the list ?

More flagship grade smartphones at much lower prices
K20 Pro is the closest ever to the most ideal smartphone of last year, but Xiaomi didn't really have to make its successor even worse in some ways.

  • tom

So making small / compact smartphones (less than 140mm high) with smaller screens (5' and below) is no longer an option ? :(
Are folded foldable phones my only option ?

  • AnonD-833125

Compact phones. No glass or metallic back. Low price. At most 2 cameras at the back.
Yeah, I basically described a low-end to mid-range phone. Sadly, the way the market goes, all phones will have gimmicks things (like 5g, 10 cameras at the back, cameras under display, etc.) and it will just give a chance for companies to ask for increase prices.

  • 5T

Waiting for that UDC from OnePlus so i can finally upgrade

  • Anonymous

Something like 145x70 mm body and at least 2 full days of battery life. Enough with the insanely-super-duper-oversized-HUGE phones already! FFS! Stop this madness! And please, no punch hole selfie cameras! This thing is worse than the notch!

  • AnonD-908380

Mm, 05 Jan 2020Longer lasting batteries maybeWell that's mainly a problem with flagships. Midrange phones nowadays have good battery life already with their 4000mAh batteries.

  • Anonymous

Exiting would be phones moving back to function over fashion accessory. Not paying such ridiculous prices for something that has corners cut across the board and is made with planned obsolescence. Tech to start pushing boundaries again. There's tech that could have and should have been main stream years ago and still is not included in the most expensive phones thanks to greed and laziness. And this fashion accessory idea.

Even though, back in the day, I loved my Razr 3m, none of these developments are exactly exciting.
The most useful would be improved optical zoom for the camera, but that would make the phone too big and heavy.
I actually find bezels very useful for holding the camera without launching an app or flipping the screen somehow, so hiding the selfie is pointless.

Give me a flat screen phone, no taller than 16:9, with a 2 day battery and an excellent main camera that can replace my super zoom.

Forget refresh rates, AR, Charging speed (overnight is quite a long time so it doesn't matter).

  • Anonymous

Even midranges of Sharp and Sony have 120Hz.
Then chinese brands put 90 for flagships and people get excited.

  • Anonymous


  • Anna

Higher battery capacity. Every year, they are adding all new features in the smartphone keeping battery capacity still around 4000 mAh. Time to increase that before adding any new features.

The only tech that can be termed 'Revolutionary' for 2020 would be availability of foldables to the common mass. I mean, the advantages of having a tablet and a phone any time are clear. But the rest? I don't think extremely high-res cameras, refresh rates, etc. bring any general advantage to an average user (safe for those who are insanely obsessed with photography).

  • Subzero

Whackcar, 05 Jan 2020Although under-display cameras are welcome. I don't see how... moreBluetooth 5.1

  • Anshul

It's sad to see VR getting dead, it's very revolutionary tech according to me. You can literally enter a new interactive world. I hope Samsung blows some fresh air in the VR department this year.

I like to see "Under display selfie cameras and
Foldable phones that are not insanely expensive".

I never use the selfie cam, never do video call to... No :-)
So i really would like to see this damn camera hidden or gone.

And i would like to get a fold phone, but they are still not good enough and all to expensive.

Although under-display cameras are welcome. I don't see how they classify as "exciting" as they don't bring anything new to the table. We already have selfie cameras, and that tech will just hide them in order to get rid of notches & holes. I mean it's good but doesn't really excite me to be honest.

Same goes for 90-120hz displays. Unless you're a mobile gamer, you don't really need it. Yes the UI feels smoother, scrolling web-pages & such is smoother, but is that worth the extra battery drain? I don't think so. Especially since most of our time on our phone is spent doing things that don't require more than 60hz (e.g. watching videos, using social media, etc). I know the tech is going maintream, but it doesn't excite me.

Camera upgrades are welcome, but the current cameras are already so good thanks to computational photography, i wouldn't expect any major upgrades in quality to be honest. The widespread adoption of periscope zoom cameras is appreciated though, as that is definitely fun to play around with.

Affordable foldables would likely be the most exciting products of 2020, but i don't expect them to go maintream until 2021 at least.

No matter how it goes, there will be some interesting products to see this year.