Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S20 offer a look from several sides

03 January 2020
The images for the S20 and S20+ match up with previous renders we've seen. However, the images for the top model seem less reliable.

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  • 09 Jan 2020

oujisan2236, 04 Jan 2020It seems that Everyone is copying once again Apples Design.... moreYeah, typical Shamsung and its fans

If the S20 price jumps above the already expensive S10, it won't sell well. Putting extra features like the 120Hz display and (maybe) Nona-Bayer sensor in the cam is a gimmick that will increase the price. Maybe Apple is charging a premium for its devices, but they are designed to last, even if tech is play catch-up from some Android phones. Shamsung wants you to keep upgrading phones. What a shame, Apple and Chinese OEMs has done better.

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    • masterv
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    • 06 Jan 2020

    OSMO, 06 Jan 2020There is a headphone jack. That's not possible. As Samsung ... moreWhere did you saw the headphone jack? The circle at bottom is the microphone.

      EMEA Guy, 05 Jan 2020The camera set up is difefrent on every picture, so I would... moreyea you are right

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        • 06 Jan 2020

        There is a headphone jack. That's not possible. As Samsung has removed it from NOTE series it seems quit unbelievable that they would keep it on S series.

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          • 06 Jan 2020

          Does multiple cameras ruined the design of the smartphones nowadays

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            • 05 Jan 2020

            The camera set up is difefrent on every picture, so I wouldn't take too much attention on these render leaks.

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              • 05 Jan 2020

              Hello Life, 04 Jan 2020S20??( What))Yes, S20 for the year 20.

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                • reddwarf2300282
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                • 04 Jan 2020

                Periscope camera will be only on s20 ultra. Quite a dissapointment.

                  S20??( What))

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                    • oujisan2236
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                    • 04 Jan 2020

                    It seems that Everyone is copying once again Apples Design.. everyone said and made fun of the Ceramic Hobb Iphone now Samsung coming up with the same on the Lite models as well as the S20 models except instead of a 600mm Hobb they doing 900mm hob with 4 plates instead of 3.

                    is there no design master piece anymore. I loved the colour scheme of the 11 Pros like midnight green but design wise yeah they okay very pro looking sure. but Phones are just becoming down rite expensive and to be damn honest less colourfull than id expect.

                    I have an Iphone 7 plus still strong hell i think its the strongest Iphone ever built and i drop this mother f most days i have 1 line on the screen from a crappy cover now its naked my Huawei Mate 7 split in two from 1 - 3 drops etc so im impressed by it

                    but Samsung cmon dont make fun of apple but you just do the same afterwards maybe why ill never touch a samsung ever again along with andriod phones cause your OS is poo and by the looks of it your design is substandard

                    now if Apple can get rid of the notch like other MFU and have a pop up cam thats fine with me but like Samsung etc lower your damn price you make me anoyed with insurance the replacement for my 7 plus a premium phone is a XR a low end phone cmon man im sure samsung users have the same issue over the last 2 years your prices JUMPED

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                      • 04 Jan 2020

                      These are fake

                        Like Gordon Ramsay used to say:blend, blend, disgusting, it embarrassing LOL

                          Lol, so ugly... Again, and this bad Huawei Mate camera, Sammy made very bad.

                          I will look forward for the coming OnePlus Concept One with the invisible camera, it have electrochromic glass. Will be dope to see... I hope.

                          They will show it on CES in Las Vegas on the 7.-10. january.

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                            • 03 Jan 2020

                            The Last Oracle, 03 Jan 2020I hope the camera improvements are huge, both in hardware a... moreYou just need to select the 4K HDR video at night.
                            Option is there.

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                              • 03 Jan 2020

                              Samsung flagship sales are down and they desperately need to make something special. I hope this model will bring something... one thing I already don't like - punch hole.

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                                • 03 Jan 2020

                                s20 is gonna be the next ugliness, like it was the s5. technically advanced but aestethically horrendous

                                  I hope the camera improvements are huge, both in hardware and in software. Samsung needs to keep pushing harder. The S10's cameras are already great, but noise reduction has to be reduced and sharpness needs to be dialled down a little. Also, would love to see the next generation of low light photos, and the low light magic moving to video too (with HDR helping vastly).

                                    Am I the only one who thinks its not ugly?

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                                      • 03 Jan 2020

                                      All of you are saying that this phone is ugly, to be honest I agree but this is the approach that most of the companies are taking, so if you don't like it they have some of the mid rangers that has a different camera setup design.

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                                        • 03 Jan 2020