Flashback: the Galaxy Alpha was Samsung's attempt at making an iPhone

05 January 2020
The Alpha represented a radical shift in Samsung design - it featured a machined metal frame and was thinner and lighter than the competition.

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I'mPhone, 05 Jan 2020And removable battery cancels out IP ratingNot really.

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    • 19 Feb 2021

    Such a stylished phone. I really love it!

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      • 18 Jan 2021

      Anonymous, 09 Jan 2020One cool tidbit people tend to forget is that the Samsung p... morePeople are like sheeps forgetting everything.

      Most samsung devices with plastic were strong and survived drops. Most iPhones from the 3 and onwards were as fragile as todays models.

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        • 09 Jan 2020

        One cool tidbit people tend to forget is that the Samsung phones even before the Alpha actually had better build quality than other competitors' who started transitioning to glass and metal.

        The high quality polycarbonate Samsung used were stronger and more expensive than the cheaper glass and low quality aluminum Apple and others were using. Obviously the polycarbonate didn't look as nice, but Samsung's top notch quality was unparalleled.

          The Alpha wasn’t a one off. Samsung continued it with the actual Galaxy A series, with the trio A3, A5, and A7.

            I remember when this one came out. It was the first Samsung phone with a metal construction, but it sucked mostly because of the bad battery and everyone complained about that. But yeah, it surely paved the path for S6, and I consider it as a success in some way.

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              • 06 Jan 2020

              --voltaire9, 05 Jan 2020And vice versa .You could also say that Apple was powered b... more*ARM processors, then Apple-customized ARM processors, sometimes built in Samsung Fabs.

                Anonymous, 06 Jan 2020You mean best battery. You could always swap. Can't say the... moreYou are correct. Removable battery was the best smartphone feature they've managed to kill off. It's even worse that many models nowadays have a battery permanently glued in. You could call that OEM sabotage.

                  Morty89, 05 Jan 2020Galaxy Alpha felt amazing in the hand. Everything about the... moreMy thoughts exactly. In fact I tried to replace my Z3 compact with an Alpha. I bought one online twice, each claiming to be unlocked but actually were AT&T models, so I sent them both back. It was a very interesting phone and just the size I was looking for. I wonder if they are considered a precursor to the A-series phones, both being midrange, smaller than flagships, and decently spec'd. At the time I could not find a comparable phone especially regarding the thin profile and light weight. Eventually I settled on Xperia XA1 which was OK but crapped out after 15 months or so. Had to return to flagship so today, with the Galaxy S10e my wish has finally been granted. But if I were still in the market for mid-range, the A-50 seems like a great choice.

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                    • 06 Jan 2020

                    One my best touch phone in my life I really loved it's design

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                      • 06 Jan 2020

                      I had one
                      And it costed me about 650$ and this amount back then was a lot of money, it was for flagship sum
                      But the truth is it was a sh!t phone, one of worse phone i ever used, i hated samsung after this and never used any of there phone's, i thought if i upgrade from my gs2 I'd see a quality flagship thing but nah

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                        • 06 Jan 2020

                        Ianmar, 06 Jan 2020All android are copycat from iPhone Yeah .. Totally right. Samsung copied the curved screen from apple. Samsung buys AMOLED screen from Apple. Samsung buys Camera sensor from Apple.
                        Is that what you are trying to say ?

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                          • 06 Jan 2020

                          They sold the Alpha only for about 6 months and updates were very poor. That was the first time Samsung burned me. It was so expensive for what the hardware offered and then it got abandoned and basically burried.

                          I skipped the S6 because it was terrible and then the S7 seemed decent. When the S8 came it felt like they really improved things and were serious about their products, that's when I got burned the second time. Still plenty of gimmicks and poor feature updates. The incredible battery longevity was a big lie. The essential functions were just average, such as the camera, signal strength, etc.

                            Anonymous, 05 Jan 2020The last truly solid smartphone?? After the Alpha there was... moreYou don’t agree with me and that is fine, go cry a river elsewhere.

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                              • 06 Jan 2020

                              Eric, 06 Jan 2020They were successful at making an iPhone for once, since it... moreYou mean best battery. You could always swap. Can't say the same about any other phone of it's time really.

                              I never had to charge the phone, like ever. Modern phones you need to have a charger w you at all times. Concurrent charging that swappable models were allowing was out of this world feature. Basically solved the autonomy issue of mobile devices 20 years before it will be solved for the rest of you (by 2030s)...

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                                • 06 Jan 2020

                                All android are copycat from iPhone

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                                  • 06 Jan 2020

                                  They were successful at making an iPhone for once, since it had the WORST battery time ever...... Anyways, I just loved its compact and handy design, Grippy Plastic and Steel was the best combo.

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                                    • 06 Jan 2020

                                    Noticed significant upgrade in build quality from Galaxy s5 to s8. There was no longer a need for Alpha series.

                                    In those days, HTC, Apple used to provide metal build phones which gave a premium feel in hand. A few years later, even budget devices were coming with premium aluminum builds.

                                      Morty89, 05 Jan 2020Galaxy Alpha felt amazing in the hand. Everything about the... moreIf I want compact phone putting early Galaxies in shame, I reach to my trusty 808. God I wish Elop didn't kill Symbian.

                                        Galaxy Alpha felt amazing in the hand. Everything about the design was perfect, from bezels to the size and removable battery, perfect. Always had a spare battery in my pocket. It really sucked when it became too old.

                                        The closest thing to it was the Xperia Z3 compact, great size and design even tho it wasn't metal. To this day no phone comes close to that perfect size and design. XZ2 Compact you say? No, too tall display, 18:9 doesn´t work in any size.