New Nokia retro phone may be coming by the end of the month

04 January 2020
HMD CPO tweet hints at a Nokia 'original' set to arrive for the Chinese New Year (January 25).

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YUKI93, 04 Jan 2020One day, I would like to see HMD Nokia doing a modern day Androi... moreIf anyone tries to ruin my 808 by flashing it to Spydroid, I would do unspeakable things to them. ;-)

  • LOL

Nokia is only doing nostalgia and midrange phones. No real heavy-hitting flagship phone to compete with the big boys.

  • hizda shuman

I would buy it for nostalgia but nokia would want to suck off all my savings for it. Typical Nokia nowadays

  • Anonymous

It'll be a master piece for touch nostalgia but in reality a brick with ridiculous specs and overpriced as hell. Typical from HMD-Nokia. Nothing new...

  • Reiss

New OS.

  • Anonymous

N9 design on Android that will be great

  • Anonymous

An Android powered QWERTY(i had the E6 & E72) phone would be really really welcomed... seeing BB didnt do a Key3 you can get some of that small but still existing market. I'm one of the people who is still waiting out on a worthy and affordable Nokia phone. I'll wait till this year for that SD765 powered midranger 5g handset. if not ill go the way of Sammy or Xiaomi or Asus.

  • Matt99

When a sentence has that many hash tags you know it's reliable information.

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2020i would disagree . look at the market share . nobody believe in ... moreIf they give a decent phone with decent price I am sure many will buy it and they can get some market share but so far aside from well build and decent updates their phones are over priced crap

Nothing wrong with living off nostalgia. We see pretty much everybody do it from Nintendo to Hollywood studios. It's kinda hard these days to be revolutionary when the smartphone already gor perfected.

Buy any phone at whatever price range you can afford and you really can't go wrong. The ratio of good phones over bad phones is widening. The smartphone is perfected. Only incremental upgrades from here on out.

  • a

where is Nokia 8.2 :{

Obviously the new Nokia has nothing to offer... Just wants to milk customers with old Nokia legacies.

  • Anonymous

LG Superfan, 04 Jan 2020HMD still has a chance to gain a portion of market share if they... morei would disagree . look at the market share . nobody believe in nokia anymore . even those die hard fan is using apple......... all they can do is express how they are going to support nokia but wont be buying single of nokia phone .

  • Anonymous

Kingslayer, 05 Jan 2020I actually like the retro stuff Nokia brings out. But I want the... more you must know nokia died because of stupid fan idea like this........

  • Anonymous

just die and never come back again .

I want a modern lumia 520.

  • Anonymous

I want Nokia N Series back.
If its real i will buy in seconds once available.

I actually like the retro stuff Nokia brings out. But I want them to redo the one for the 3310. Just make it look exactly like the original but with Android software, touchscreen and all the network toggles like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile data on it. Just make the software modern but make the hardware exactly the same. Can even skin it with the og 3310 look over the Android UI.

Make it goddamn useful Hmd!
Usb c for long time use
Nfc for payment
Alumunium for durability
Goddamn front camera


Nokia, get your shit together.