HTC earned just $330m in 2019, down nearly 60% over 2018

06 January 2020
HTC's business continues its downward spiral.

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  • 15 Feb 2020

They had awesome flagships,and if they could provide decent specs combined with reasonable price they can shine once again. I used Desire A8181, One X, 10 and all of them were super durable and smooth phones compared to competition. Maybe they need to strive for Xiaomi strategy,awesome specs and low price. Of course if they have capable workforce as they sold it to Google.

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    • 15 Jan 2020

    I used to work in a mobile phone shop and have used phones of most of the popular brands.
    I have had a few HTC phones through the years and they have always been great, HTC HD2 (this phone is a legend), HTC ONE X, HTC ONE M8 (another legend) and now I am using HTC U11 for the last 2,5 years and it looks like I will used it for another 2. The battery hasn't lost capacity, the phone is super stable and I never had a single issue with it and it has worked better than any phone I have used since 1999.

    Although HTC don't make profits like other greedy companies, $330 million is still a profit, they still provide work for thousands of people and they still make good phones.

    I can't understand what's people's problem with HTC only making $330 millions profit. How much profit do you make, haters?

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      • 10 Jan 2020

      AnonD-907885, 08 Jan 2020Sony and LG are far from dead. Sony is very popular here in... moreMan Samsung is popular everywhere like Xiaomi or Apple.
      Sony is popular maybe in 5-10 countries from 198 that not so much.
      Same goes to LG.

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        • 08 Jan 2020

        Dometalican, 07 Jan 2020They need to go back to their roots. Reissues of the HTC On... moreXiaomi limit their profits on their smartphones. HTC can't do that, like most of the other companies.

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          • 08 Jan 2020

          AnonD-731363, 07 Jan 2020Just like Sony phone division or LG phone Division HCT is d... moreSony and LG are far from dead. Sony is very popular here in the UK, Japan and other European countries. LG is the same but not in the Top 5 like Sony is, in the UK.

            Tref, 06 Jan 2020I have now htc u11 and its amazing phone, super camera, sup... moreYou abviously lost in time and space if you think u11 is better than competition :)

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              • 08 Jan 2020

              Expensive, even tho innovative but still, expensive. It's better to be like other brands but stay cheaper and have less profits

                they should wind up.

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                  • 07 Jan 2020

                  Just like Sony phone division or LG phone Division HCT is dead.
                  They barely selling they should unplug from cell phones creation focusing on VR only thats my personal opinion.
                  They not selling they just starving to the death,

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                    • rafy
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                    • 07 Jan 2020

                    They sold non ready products .... So this is the result
                    I lost 650 euros on HTC scrap phone.
                    Never again

                      Anonymous, 07 Jan 2020Selling cheap will not get you profits. What they need is a... moreIf they sold a good flagship phone, cheaper then Samsung for example they would make a name for themself again. So far they were selling overpriced phone and anyone with common sense picked well known brand over HTC.
                      HTC used to be good and worth the price, but not in the last few years.

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                        • Dometalican
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                        • 07 Jan 2020

                        They need to go back to their roots. Reissues of the HTC One Max and One M8 with updated specs. In fact, it could look like this:

                        HTC One Max:
                        6.2"; 16:9 ratio (they had a solid one-handed mode)
                        2K with 90Hz refresh rate (LCD vs. OLED doesn't matter)
                        6GB RAM/128GB ROM with 8GB RAM/256GB ROM version with expandable memory

                        Front- facing Stereo Speakers
                        Headphone jack (with 32-bit DAC) OR second type C port
                        IP67 at least

                        60MP Sony IMX sensor with 1.7 aperture
                        12MP telephoto with minimum 3X optical zoom
                        16MP Wide angle lens with AF
                        2MP ToF sensor

                        32MP front camera
                        8MP Wide angle OR 2MP ToF depth sensing

                        IR blaster
                        5,000mAH battery with 25W fast-charging
                        15W wireless charging

                        Latest Snapdragon 865 with global bands

                        All for $600 starting. Xiaomi is close to offering that and HTC should do the same.

                          rip htc

                            Mediocre mid range phones, I think, are just one part of equation.

                            Before that, HTC 10, HTC u11/+ /u12/+ , exodus 1 were/are good phones in and of themselves. Maybe not following once popular HTC philosophy 100%, but for the year they got released, they were pretty good. The other side of the problem is market visibility. HTC isn't in the news anymore, and when it is, its bad news (mediocre mid-range phones). They need budget for marketing. PR. the stuff.

                            If they can't do the cheap-phones-every-month avalanche and get the press to cover each one, like their chinese neighbors, then they need to go OnePlus route and market the hell out of 1 or 2 flagships they do release.

                            That's the only play here. VR, as a general rule, was a baby stillborn. Still nursing that corpse won't make it grow-up and run the miles for them.

                            Marketing + Community. that's what rules in the days of social media.

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                              • 07 Jan 2020

                              Shadocx, 07 Jan 2020Exactly, fan boys can defend them all they want, Sony mobil... moreYou do realise you aren't the personification of the global market. Narcissistic much?

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                                • 07 Jan 2020

                                tbh their last worthy phone was the niche-product Exodus 1 back in June 2019. After that came entry level phones. I hope their VR works out for them. I totally missed the VR craze.

                                  I like how HTC is not giving up.

                                  Only time will tell. But I think HTC will rise again.

                                    Makes perfect sense. They didn't release a flagship in 2019 even though that's their specialty. They launched some overpriced midrangers with no unique appeal which nobody cares about. Simply put, they made senseless decisions one after another.

                                    I know they have potential, but i don't think they care anymore. They're showing no attempts to make a comeback. I reckon they might close down for good... And that would be unfortunate.

                                      Shadocx, 07 Jan 2020Exactly, fan boys can defend them all they want, Sony mobil... moreIt shows that fanboys are just talk. They all probably just use cheap Chinese phones in reality.

                                      HTC is done. Their attempt in VR didn’t seem to go anywhere, unless they are doing things that nobody is covering in the tech scene.
                                      And yes, Sony is next. Sony already pulled out from many major markets, which is a telltale sign. Considering they never actually learn from their mistakes, it’s obvious.

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                                        • LordAlzain
                                        • 6p$
                                        • 07 Jan 2020

                                        Shadocx, 07 Jan 2020Exactly, fan boys can defend them all they want, Sony mobil... moreThe thing is unlike HTC, Sony has local market sale in Japan which seems to be profitable since most Chinese budget phones doesn’t support the bandwidth.