Realme 5i goes official with four cameras and 5,000mAh battery

06 January 2020
The phone has a wide and an ultra wide camera, which can shoot video together. The phone is powered by the Snapdragon 665 chipset.

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  • Anonymous

I guess realme has lost it....releasing tooooo many phones with this specifications and they expect people to buy it come onnn guys budget phone needs competitive specs not cheap specs......Micro USB port.....8mp front camera i mean seriously

  • Anonymous

redmi note 8 just wanna say hello

What is this new foolish trend of releasing phones with 720p+ displays and microUSB ports ?

This device deserves zero sales imho. Only when we shun such devices, will manufacturers understand.

  • Anonymous

I love micro usb port, makes me focus on small details more.

To this date we have 5, 5s, and 5i, which only have slight differences between each other.
But what's even worse is that Oppo's 2020 A series are essentially a clone of the Realme 5 phones (A9 is 5, A5 is 5i). We need A7 to complement with 5s and let them fight against between the sister brands.

the good thing about this phone is the battery capicity, Nice phone

Redmi note 8 all day. Gorila glass 5, fast charging, full hd, better cameras, infrared.

Only three letters can best describe this phone: DOA. It got exactly the same spec as the Realme 5 except for a smaller resolution selfie camera. Just get the 5, really.

The competition in the low price segment is the fiercest one, that is why tons of almost simmilar looking homogenuos devices appear

  • Anonymous

Please stop making phones with the idiotic 2 mp macro sensor.. just put autofocus on the wide angle instead

Seriously Realme? Swap 13mp selfie camera of Realme 5 with 8mp selfie camera and call it a whole new device with a launch event. Wouldn't it make sense to pricecut the Realme 5 if you want to cover lower price point? I will never buy a Realme device until they stop this launching spree.