Leaked poster confirms the Oppo F15 is a rebranded A91, hands-on video emerges

07 January 2020
It's slated to go official on January 16.

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So the pro version will have same specs but with pop up selfie camera

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    • nvy
    • 07 Jan 2020

    Oppo again flooding market with same phones in different names

      Flyme OS 8 is due to be released soon. From what I have seen on another chinese handset. Flyme OS 8 is considered by certain phone specialists... As the smoothest Chinese Rom yet. And seems to work on the K20 Pro and some other manufacturers handsets too.

        "Wow, another generic looking colorful phablet, this time with a chipset that I most likely won't be able to get GCam on, so excited"

        ~said nobody