Toshiba G920 gets released as G910

18 Jan, 2008
After a recent FCC leak and a Toshiba 2008 Roadmap presentation leak Toshiba have finally presented the Toshiba G920 model at an event held in Milan, as an Italian website reports...

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  • Manimal

Sorry I did not specificly clarify, but I was writing about the G710, not the G900 series. 2 devices on one page, I got confused.

  • Manimal

Here is where I got some of my information, so if you have an issue with the data I presented, take it up with the source.

  • Manimal

Yes the TYNTII or what ever will kill this device, thats no secrete. But they are two different classes. Screen size is fine for a fixed device of this nature, your not gonna get more than 2/10" of an inch if you "cut off the sides", not worth the trouble. The CPU is a huge upgrade for this "Class". While full sized WMD's have 400MhZ CPU's, this is not a full size, remember, it's a fixed (does not slide or flip open, and lets forget about TREO's for a moment). This CPU is a 512mhz, remarkable really. Considering the competition is offering, what, 200mhz and 312mhz from samsung and intel (the CPU makers)? The track ball is very clever, though not new, but a nice addition, and great for the GPS feature. Plenty of ROM and RAM, and woa, a Max external Memory of 32 Gigs, well thats SOLID my friends. 3G, full size qwerty board, good battery life, nice size. It won't be a hit likely, but this particular class of WMD's are not that popular anyway. I am looking to upgrade from the Tmobile DASH, or S620(?) and can't seem to find a real "jump" in technology except for this Toshiba. Black Jack I had when I worked for Cingular (the new ATT, blah blah blah), and had the old BB 8700(?). I don't like those phones. Or the Q, for that matter. Why? Stats go so far, but you can only tell if its right for you when the tire hits the pavement. All in all, the toshiba looks like a fierce new device but I'll need a closer look to know for sure. Good luck phone hunting!

  • Anonymous

thats a perfect blend of a Samsung Blackjack and any Blackberry 8000 model...still ugly...

  • Anonymous

As ugly as only a Blackberry or Nokia can be.

  • medici

G910, close but no cigar. For these outer dimensions, the screen should be larger. Or cut off both unused sides of the keyboard and screen and reduce overall from 115 mm to

  • deafcore

the TyTN2 eats this toshiba thingy alive. i'd rather get the blackjack or BB Curve.

  • Anonymous

600 EUR? pathetic

  • PcMan

As I can see, G920 and Imate Ultimate 9502 will be direct competitors.. But I'm afraid the ultimates(as know) will be not spread enough around the world..(just as 8150 and 6150 at the moment, and 8502 and 9502 soon..). For me G710 is the 8502's class, but from I can say directly who will win..(at least at a direct competition, not at point of availablity on the markets.

  • eli alya

what so good about it?

  • Tambu

Toshiba G710 looks like mixed copy of Samsung, BlackBerry and Motorola smartphones.

  • Anonymous

no video-call?

  • Sina™

Toshiba Portégé G710 Specs

Datasheet Views: (January 18, 2008)
Datasheet State: Preliminary specifications
Release Date: March, 2008
Dimensions: 62 x 115 x 13 millimetres
Mass: 130 grams (battery included)
Software Environment
Operating System: Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 Standard (Crossbow)
CPU: Unknown type
Browse all devices based on this microprocessor
Memory, Storage capacity
ROM capacity: 128 MB
RAM capacity: 64 MB
Hard Disk capacity: Not supported
Display Type: color transflective TFT , 65536 scales
Display Resolution: 320 x 240
Display Diagonal: 2.5 "
Microphone: mono
Speaker: stereo
Audio Output: 2.5mm jack
Cellular Phone
Cellular Networks: GSM850, GSM900, GSM1800, GSM1900
Cellular Data Link: CSD, GPRS, EDGE
Call Alert: 40 -chord melody
Vibrating Alert: Supported
Control Peripherals
Positioning Device: Not supported
Primary Keyboard: Slide-out QWERTY-type keyboard, 37 keys
Directional Pad: Not supported
Scroll Wheel: Rotary full area roller
Expansion Slots: microSD, TransFlash, SDIO
USB: USB 1.1 host/client, 12Mbit/s , USB Series Mini-B (mini-USB) connector
Infrared Gate: Not supported
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 2.0
Wireless LAN: 802.11b, 802.11g
Multimedia Telecommunication
Analog TV: Not supported
Analog Radio: Not supported
Satellite Navigation
Built-in GPS: NMEA 0183
Built-in Digital Camera
Main Camera: CMOS sensor, 1.9MP
Built-in Flash: Mobile light (LED)
Power Supply
Battery: Lithium-ion , removable
Battery Capacity: 1100 mAh

  • maniatiko

so, will de g920 be able to use microsdhc?

  • m

funny ... that looks like the old motoq cdma launched 2 years ago! ... cmon .. toshiba, you can do better

  • z

The Toshiba G910 will become available somewhere in April 2007

  • Anonymous

so whaat whats it to you.

  • Anonymous

why do you ALWAYS post stupid comments like "first, Woooo", grow up eh?

  • John

very good phone..

  • Rached

very ....