Images of Huawei P40 Pro case show a penta camera on the back, flat screen on the front

07 January 2020
Well, mostly flat - certainly nothing as curved as the Horizon Display on the Mate 30 Pro. There are even hardware keys on the side.

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Actually the front panel is curved if you look at the 3rd image. The edges of a flat display don't fall off like in the way shown there.

Still as not ugly as the Pixels. They have to try it harder.

f-in punch hole.

They can design their Mate series uniquely and beautifully. But why can't they do thaf in their P series?

There have been rumors that P40 Pro will have quad curved screens Galaxy curve that is and I still hope 5th camera is b&w or something other than macro

Oh my God, that rear camera design. Seriously, Huawei? :|

  • Anonymous

putraws, 08 Jan 2020that bezel. lol i mean whats the point of having punch h... moreNot enough space for front camera module.

  • Anonymous

Typing from my P30 Pro, I have same carbon fiber case (that was out on day 1) and the screen is actually curved as you can see those top and bottom bumpers sticking out. But what's up with punch hole? That's like the main reason why everyone hates Samsung cause you can't hide the hole like you can with the notch and make good use of it too!!
Also 5 cameras are cool but what a waste of space. They could put much bigger battery instead. Even in Mate 30 Pro why not use switch lenses rather 2 1/1.7 inch sensors for 2 different purposes? Huawei is now all out for quantity I guess...

  • ZEN

It would be worst design if turn into real.

that bezel. lol

i mean whats the point of having punch hole screen if the bezel is still thicc (considering today's standard)

Welcome to year with ugliest designed phones

Just opinion , 08 Jan 2020Nowadays all phone marke is like one big family. all the ph... moreI cannot deny that.
The amount of water drop notch phones I have seen have made me hate that phone design. XD

Flat display for me. It's TOO hard to find a full glue tempered glass anywhere for my P30 pro. I end up using my older P20 pro more often due to the flatter screen and abundance of decent tempered glass protection.

BigDisplay, 07 Jan 2020A big shame most of the world not have the possibility to e... moreAgree. Though I don't trust them fully, I like the innovative efforts. And a flat screen! Just a shame they fiddle with the specs, almost 2 or 3 different phones. Unlike Samsung, which fare better.

  • I'mPhone

The cam bump is a copy of the Samsung S20 and iPhone 11. Looks weird. Punch hole is a bad idea, why not make it like the Meizu 16.

  • Just opinion

Misfit2Fields, 08 Jan 2020S20 had a baby with the S10Nowadays all phone marke is like one big family. all the phones start to look more and more similar. if you look at the back then there are still some differences.
This notch and punch hole era is the worst for the phones ima.

  • Anonymous

Flat screen is best. Curved screen are stupi.d
Accidental touch, high glass repair cost, easy to shatter when it falls, screen protectors dont work, plus smaller horizontal screen area.

  • Yronk

Feels like huawei stuck at s10 camera front design... Samsung already introduced their infinity o display but huawei still stuck at pill hole camera emm... I hope thats not the final design by huawei

S20 had a baby with the S10

Huawei should do some design defragmentation.the front is not looking so good imo.
Just make the bezzels bigger, slap that camera module inside and done.