Flashback: Siemens SX1 was the original McLaren phone

12 January 2020
Siemens released several other racing-theme limited editions of the phone. The company also used the SX1 as a basis for some crazy prototypes.

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  • Anonymous

I did work on the SX1 software and appreciate a lot working with Siemens engineers based in Alborg.
I'm lucking, I got one SX1 McLaren edition as a reward and I still have it.

  • haha

This is funny only difference between models was the button distribution

Phone designs used to be so much more fun, sometimes bizarre.

  • Anonymous

Long live Siemens. Love the German advanced technology.

Had plenty of Siemens phones AL21, CF110, SL75, SL65, SL55, A50 and the C25

And then the Ben-Q Siemens branded EL71

for me it looks more like porsche interior that mclaren :)

  • Anonymous

This is the Mate 30 pro in the GSM world - the preceding version of the curved waterfall screen xD

  • abc_to_xyz

Ahh! Sweet Symbian S60v1 times when 104mhz vs 120mhz were the stuff to compare.

Whackcar, 12 Jan 2020Siemens was such a reliable cellphone brand. I had one of their ... moreI had an orange display one the S45 and had it years still got it but does not work.

oh my goodness another flashback to when phones were exciting and each day/month a new design came out..Going through all the Sony Ericsson, Siemens, Nokias, SPV range XDA range its just brilliant exciting days. Now since 2010 my smartphone addiction plummeted just boring slabs now.

Back in the days when the phones were actually cool and none were look-alike. And yes, Siemens Mobile was one of the greatest phone makers back then.

  • Vaidotas Lukosius

was good phone but texting oh no had it for 1 year but still not use to it :D

  • 5T

Please don't compare this. Siemens is not here anymore, let's not have the same curse on 1+

As cool as mi mix alpha/mateX today, but difference then was way bigger. It looked very futuristic then, made me think my phone is few generations behind.

  • AnonD-907885

3660 had the normal, it succeeded the 3650 which had the circular keypad.

I have the SX1 in my old phone collection and it still works perfect. What an amazing an unique phone it was.

I had this and used it extensively. Typing was very fast and easy if you were ambidextrous... Had a premium feeling to it, I might still have it stored somewhere. It was a bit big but felt solid and fit ergonomically in hand.

  • Carol

Siemens ME45i is one of the best devices of those times. I would buy one still, just for collection.

Siemens A35 was my second phone in life after my Nokia 8800 has been stolen.
Paid 20k slovak crowns for that Nokia and had it only for like a month. In that time it was like 700 euros. In present it would be around 1200 euros after infaltion.
That was dissaster but uiit was 18 years ago.
Since then i never bought phone above 400 euros.

Siemens was such a reliable cellphone brand. I had one of their phones with an orange display, it was awesome. I also remember i saw an ad of their phone on TV with a very stylish body (for that era), and i was impressed with it's design.

Too bad they stopped making phones in the beginning of the smartphone era. I'm sure they would've produced some of the finest smartphones today...