Nokia 7 Plus updated to Android 10

07 January 2020
Yet another Nokia phone is getting the latest Android firmware.

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  • Carol

JackTheiPhoneKiller, 08 Jan 2020Still no news about Nokia 8?Nokia 8 already received 2 major updates, so it wont't happen again.

  • Baskar

Nokia next level super continue Nokia 2020 new launching phone budget segment waiting zone

Hang on, the 7 plus was shipped with 8.1 Oreo out of the box, right? So that means, the 7 plus already received its two major software version update.

Oh no, I really like this phone. This (and the 8 Sirocco) is the only HMD Nokia smartphone with a useful native telephoto camera. I'm not going to buy a new Nokia smartphone until they put back in a native telephoto camera.

Personally, I prefer the Pie than the 10 aside from its dark mode.

Caution for those using online banking apps on their phones, Android 10 might not work well as most of these apps are not yet fully compatible with it.

  • JackTheiPhoneKiller

Still no news about Nokia 8?

  • EJ PHL

It's all good here in the Philippines mates

  • santosh

when we get in Nepal

  • Anonymous


  • Arsov 36

Android 10.