Samsung announces Project NEON, realistic digital humanoid avatars

08 January 2020
Itís a realization of science fiction, but one that leaves us wondering how consumers would benefit from it.

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s-pen pusher, 08 Jan 2020somehow this keeps reminding me of plankton's computer wife- karen.this^

  • Anonymous

And it stores all the data you have -,-

  • s-pen pusher

somehow this keeps reminding me of plankton's computer wife- karen.

  • s-pen pusher

demos i have seen in youtube so far shows this is no more intelligent than existing ais like google assistant or siri. this concept really is not that new because this has been thought of decades ago and even one made it to the 80s tv series "max headroom". this certainly would come in the inevitable future, and i think androids are better off this way- on the screen and not physically existing ones, as physically existing ones will eventually compete with real humans. or if the technology is developed in the future, these could also be executed on holograms.

Shanti Dope, 08 Jan 2020Sony made AI people? What?They did not, but they could do something more than just give option to share those scans, is what I mean.

vrvly, 08 Jan 2020At least concept feels more useful than what sony offers. Its de... moreSony made AI people? What?

  • Anonymous

i really don't like where this is going, this definetly some bad news, things like this should not be made

So BB-8 and Android were real.

  • Alboooz

How far human kind can go, and how danger this can be for human kind when this posibilities are used as interpretation by A.I.

  • Nilis

Could see some traces of video from, "How far is too far, The age of AI"

  • Anonymous

They took our jobs!!!

  • Anonymous

The only thing left to be seen.. Now Neons will slowly but surely replace humans in almost all fields.

At least concept feels more useful than what sony offers. Its definitely not replacement for fantasy/non-real avatars though. Different kind of usage.

Luxor, 08 Jan 2020One day we can put ourself inside a game and look as realistic a... moreits already possible, you can scan you face with any phone and use addons for 3D apps like FaceBuilder or just use many of Mobile apps that will do that for you automatically.
Its called photogeometry and its really old idea of scanning items, like face or whole body and merge all images in 3D environment.

1. No they are not artificial humans, they are scanned avatars of existing people.
2. They will move like real people.... Because they recorded movement of people before and apply it to avatar(then just mix them to be randomized or set to specific words)
3. No they will not be inteligent, they will fallow simple rule of statistic data(or more common fancy name: Machine Learning) that we all have on our phones thanks to Google Assistant/Siri/Amazon Alexa. They will just catch specific sentences and match them with responses.
4. No its not futuristic, Its current technology that we use for few good years but with fancy addon of avatar.

  • Anonymous

"Detroit: Become Human" was right?!

  • IC1101

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2020So they ain't got it yet, they faked the fake humans with real h... moreYou're completely out of mind

  • terminator

the world is going crazy, and we are the main factor.
i will be back....

kevinmcmurtrie, 08 Jan 2020Good news - Your phone will no longer lock up for 4 seconds ever... moreDude, what are you on about?!

  • Douglas

Samsung always coming up with good tech...nice one