Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite will start at INR 35,990 in India

09 January 2020
The starting price is of the 6GB variant, the 8GB Note10 Lite will go up to INR 39,990.

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Abhi Dahiya, 09 Jan 2020That's poor pricing for a plastic phone with processor from... moreThe SOC might be old but You get a Flagship camera like on Note 10..its same bro... Remember higher megapixel doesn't necessarily mean better camera output

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    • Y7u
    • 10 Jan 2020

    Not too shabby Samsung, not too shabby at all. I'm not interested in this smartphone but I could see others buying it simply for the S Pen. I hope the pricing is just as aggressive in other markets too.

      wasox, 09 Jan 2020No spen, this device is clearly intended for those who want... more:)

        Anonymous, 09 Jan 2020Samsung has better camera. true ....a better camera and a better branding

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          • 4rH
          • 09 Jan 2020

          Ansh17992, 09 Jan 2020OnePlus is best choice compared to Samsung in all terms sof... moreSamsung has better camera.

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            • 09 Jan 2020

            Anonymous, 09 Jan 2020Seems like a good way to dumb old socsBecause most of the people don't even care about latest or fastest.

              That's poor pricing for a plastic phone with processor from 2018, average cameras and many other missing things. Definitely not VFM

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                • wasox
                • 8Vw
                • 09 Jan 2020

                kaaaalu, 09 Jan 20207T is 35k and much better No spen, this device is clearly intended for those who want a S pen, think before babbling idiocies

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                  • The plastic joke
                  • 0T0
                  • 09 Jan 2020

                  Plastic garbage. Cost no more than 300 €...

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                    • NichtsGemacht
                    • NR2
                    • 09 Jan 2020

                    I belive that for the specs on offer the price seems fine and those who need or like the S Pen and can't afford to spend on the current notes, might have a better chance to get a note, then there is people like me that don't need/want an S Pen and for those of us are better options as well which is good.

                      If this price is right then Samsung made the best decision and for the Chipset the price is justified and i will gladly swap my A70 for it by December

                        Nice Guy, 09 Jan 2020Samsung again being sloppy on SoC.. Exynos 9820 or 9825 or ... moreFor this price point, this chipset is not bad

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                          • 09 Jan 2020

                          Anonymous, 09 Jan 2020Lol apple has the best tech in smartphonesThe best-sold device is the XR, its nowhere near top specs.

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                            • 09 Jan 2020

                            Seems like a good way to dumb old socs

                              OnePlus is best choice compared to Samsung in all terms software camera updates etc.

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                                • tZ4
                                • 09 Jan 2020

                                Price look better that rumor price if covert currency
                                May take one to replace my 2016 samsung phone

                                  7T is 35k and much better

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                                    • S Yu
                                    • w1b
                                    • 09 Jan 2020

                                    Vic4BBM, 09 Jan 2020Samsung supplies major hardware components to others like -... moreThose are different companies. Samsung Electronics needs to purchase from Samsung Display, Samsung LSI etc.
                                    Also their chassis may be from BYD, which is Chinese.

                                      People would still prefer OP7 but this is as good as it can get for a Samsung phone. Let's hope for something even better in the future.
                                      Good job Samsung!

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                                        • 63S
                                        • 09 Jan 2020

                                        Ok so this pricing makes more sense than the original reports, and for this price I'd gladly buy the note 10 lite (6gb ram is more than fine for my needs).
                                        Hopefully this is closer to the final retail pricing.