Weekly poll: can the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and Note10 Lite make your wallet lighter?

12 January 2020
Despite their name, these two are far from budget offerings - both in terms of capabilities and price.

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  • I'mPhone

PeterThePanda, 13 Jan 2020Why buy the S10 Lite when you get the S10+ which is more than li... moreNote 10 and 10 Plus still uses the Exynos 9825 SoC in most markets.

It is much better than the bad Exynos 9810 SoC in S9/Note 9, but still, E9825 SoC thermal throttles quickly and have poor battery life.

Again it depends on your purpose of use. I will still pick a used iPhone XS, new S10e or S10 or X2 Pro over the S10 Lite.

  • Simon

Lack of wireless charging and cheap build definitely killed it for me for that price.

Why buy the S10 Lite when you get the S10+ which is more than likely already sold at a cheaper price now? The S10 Lite is pretty much a ripoff especially without a headphone jack.

The Note 10 Lite might be a good deal because it still has a headphone jack, however, because it's using Samsung crap Exynos SoC, getting the regular Note 10 or Note 10+ is probably better.

  • kyokukei

the price is set very high, for both phones

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Jan 2020No ads here. You just hate any product from China The only way not to have ads on a xiaomi phone is for it to have android one, just a fact, I am reading realme is about to do the same, facts are facts don't turn yourself into a china product fanboi.

  • I'mPhone

Anonymous, 12 Jan 2020S10e is much cheaper than iPhone 11 in my country. Infact it is... moreMaybe it's the price at launch. End of year discounts are quite generous, the prices of Samsung handsets decline considerably.

  • Ali

I will buy one of them, I believe it's better than note 9, bigger screen and bigger battery.

  • Anonymous

I'mPhone, 12 Jan 2020Have you noticed advertising in many Xiaomi phones? A30s/A40s co... moreNo ads here.
You just hate any product from China

  • Anonymous

I'mPhone, 12 Jan 2020Absolutely not :v Shamsung also forgot iPhone 11 exists. In ce... moreS10e is much cheaper than iPhone 11 in my country.
Infact it is around 100 dollars more than the S10 lite

  • MonTi

Galaxy S10 lite looks like an upgraded A70!

  • abc_to_xyz

I have voted yes for both because they are in my active contention as I've sold my s8 month ago and looking to upgrade. S10-series is too expensive with nothing new and tons of imperfections. S10Lite atleast manages to have lesser cons on paper (no visible glue of finger-print sensor, no useless screen curves, better battery, less ugly camera pill/hole).
But their actual quality and long-term usage is yet to be seen.

  • Anonymous

Rehashed last gen on 2020, the year of SD865/765. I wouldn't even take it for free.

I voted no to both of these because I don't plan to buy them. I would have considered the Note 10 Lite if it had a Snapdragon. It could have been an 855, 845, 765, 730, 675... Any of these.

Anonymous, 12 Jan 2020Man, if only the Note 10 lite had a SD855 instead of a two year ... moreExactly...if they had a proper SD855 I'd stop waiting for the next generation and make the plunge.

L973, 12 Jan 2020Wait WHERE???? Note 9 for 400 Euros, wow!I just looked it up. In China it's less than $400, HK or US variant, 128GB tier. In fact ~$350. For some reason the SK variant is slightly more expensive(still lower than $400), which is usually not the case. There's also no advantage to using the SK variant in China so considering that SD is superior with better compatibility anyway it's quite perplexing.

  • I'mPhone

anhar.muhammad, 12 Jan 2020Samsung, do you remember that S10e exist?Absolutely not :v
Shamsung also forgot iPhone 11 exists.
In certain countries S10e costs about the same as the iPhone.

Better display of course, but slaps crap Exynos chipset in most markets. Ouch

  • I'mPhone

CptPower, 12 Jan 2020No they are not and they does. Imagine a samsung making galaxy... moreHave you noticed advertising in many Xiaomi phones? A30s/A40s costs in the Redmi Note 8 Pro territory but they don't have ads (despite heavy UI and poor chipset).

This is a way to compensate for their low pricing. I would just resort to iPhone having zero ads.

  • I'mPhone

abouhalima, 12 Jan 2020What ? If you speak about build quality then you don't know abou... moreLet me clarify

1. Mi Mix 3 is discontinued long time ago, prices and resale value has dropped a lot. It's replaced by nonsense Mix Alpha.
2. Comparing Exynos 9820 and Snapdragon 845 is irrelevant. Sd845 is a 2018 chipset. E9820 is 2019.
3. DxOMark is not relevant as comparison of camera performance, take a look at Notebookcheck's article.
4. Mi 9 may pack flagship grade specs but camera performance is behind the S10 and it doesn't fall into flagship category. It competes with ex. Zenfone 6, iQOO Neo, etc.

And Xiaomi slaps advertising in most of their models. High-end Samsung phones doesn't.

Conclusion: buy what suits you, beware of Samsung's steep pricing and Xiaomi's MIUI ads.

Anonymous, 12 Jan 2020Xiaomi does not offer same or better phones at lower prices. Xia... moreWhat ? If you speak about build quality then you don't know about the mi mix 3 which is a competitor to the s9 the mi mix 3 is made by ceramic and 18 karat gold with full screen experience and it has much better GPU CPU compared to the exynos and 5 point more than the s9 plus with 2 cameras so it should be more than 5 compared to the normal s9 in dxomark if you don't trust them then watch video comparaison on youtube , the mi mix 3 has also better display and it is half the price .
If you speak about the build quality then you should know that the s10 got many scratches on the screen , just search about it . The mi 9 is made by glass and gorilla glass 6

Namelesss, 12 Jan 2020I'll buy the Note9 over any of these two phones. I don't know ab... moreWait WHERE????
Note 9 for 400 Euros, wow!