Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 5G's live photo appears

09 January 2020
Samsung's 5G-enabled tablet looks just as the non-5G tablet.

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  • Mr. Headphone Jack

So now even tablets don't have headphone jacks and they claimed that they removed it from phones because phones are allegedly too small to house a "BIG HUGE" headphone jack... so now not even tablets despite how large they are they don't come with headphone jacks! And all of this from Samsung who only 2 years ago released a video mocking Apple for their headphone jack removal saying words like "double dongle that sounds explicit", you know the video with the family the notch haircut.... Jesus Christ, Samsung has gotten so pathetic these days. They have to copy everything Apple does........... unbelievable!

  • Latrell Jennings

Roy-86, 10 Jan 2020I have purchased the wifi version and liked the tablet but ... moreWhat was the dealbreaker about it

I have purchased the wifi version and liked the tablet but the keyboard was the deal breaker. It was such a fail and I had to return the tablet.

  • Anonymous

Battery charging could have been faster than 15w.
Since battery here would also be bigger than normal