Gionee Steel 5 unveiled: entry-level phone with 5,000mAh battery

10 January 2020
Don't be mislead by the square camera hump - it only has two cameras and two LEDs.

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  • Kinq

Hope it would support Google play store?

  • Hackbox

if it comes with Mediatek Dimensity 1000L or Mediatek Helio G90T. Good phone with good performance and cheap price. Pubg Player will happy to buy this.

Such devices usually receive zero support and zero updates.

Well as a entry level isnt bad.
But i really think some brands is just waste of money energy and environment to ressurect from dead.

  • Joe

Damn, Gionee, make flip phones again! That was something not many had done before the RAZR.

Another cheapster :D

IpsDisplay, 10 Jan 2020Chipset?they are known for picking shitty from mtk

  • Anonymous

Calling bullshit on that bottom bezel.

  • L973

R.I.P. Gionee.
These are coming from Jaina Group in India now, if I'm not mistaken xD

Kiomaxi88, 10 Jan 2020I thought the company went bankrupt?So did I,talk about resorection lol !

I thought the company went bankrupt?


  • Trooper

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2020at this thickness, camera bump is still present? thigh...What thickness ?, there has been no mention of how thick the phone is in this article. And anyway, that square that houses the LED's and cameras can hardly be called a bump, as it is barely thicker than a couple of sheets of paper...

  • hmm

Gionee all models are pretty much entry level phones

  • Anonymous

at this thickness, camera bump is still present? thigh...