OnePlus 8 5G to be sold by Verizon

10 January 2020
This means that it will probably pack support for mmWave 5G.

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Actually Sprint is already the primary carrier of the one plus 7pro 5G Here in the states. In fact I am typing this on it as we speak

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    • 15 Jan 2020

    Albert Tan, 12 Jan 2020It's so funny. Trump bans Huawei phones but not Oneplus and... moreTrump didn't ban their phones. The ban it is related to network equipment (towers).

      It's so funny. Trump bans Huawei phones but not Oneplus and Motorola. Maybe it's because Huawei owns the network equipment and can spy on your conversations?

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        • 12 Jan 2020

        The bloat is there anyways! A purchase to avoid.

          I use the 7 pro on Verizon prepay. $50/mo. 16gigs, (8gx2 for now) no bloat, can't complain.

            Well the first thing i would do after buy is to completely delete even from registry entries all preinstalled apps by verizon and just and only then i would log onto a google account with all my details.
            I wouldnt give a damn s*it to this untrusted rusty laggy buggy company.

              Wouldn't touch it on Verizon for free they'll fill it with bug infested bloatware and silly branding T-Mobile best place period.