Huawei P20 Pro EMUI 10 update will roll out in India this month, Europe will get it in March

11 January 2020
The Y9 Prime (2019) recently got the EMUI 10 update in India.

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  • Javed

9xpro MIUI 10

  • Beto

Also not in my P30 Pro (BR)...

  • Matt99

Mate 20 Pro not going to emui 10? Or just waiting for promises fulfilled......

  • Dudz

I regret of having these Nova 5T and Y9 Prime 2019...still no Android 10 update here in NZ

  • Anonymous

Waiting patiently for Huawei mate 10 update.

  • 123

Yet my mate20pro LYA-L09 factory unlocked ver from for UK is still on 9 nowhere near comming android 10. Thanks Huawei.

  • Waters

Anonymous, 11 Jan 2020I live in the US what about my P30? I'm in Botswana 🇧🇼 and already running it on my P30 PRO👌

  • Ahmad

I lost some pictures

  • iceskater

There you go! This is why you do *not* pay iPhone prices for Android phones. Software upgrades and support are part of the package and while wile Apple you get both, the same can’t be said about any other Android vendor.

  • Artur

Anonymous, 11 Jan 2020I live in the US what about my P30? Try to check for updates in HiCare app.

indlvarn, 11 Jan 2020Huawei doesn't care about Europe anymore?I have the stable beta emui 10 in Denmark Europe on my Mate 20 X, so that's not true at all.

When Huawei send update to my mate 10 pro 😉

  • Anonymous

I live in the US what about my P30?

Huawei doesn't care about Europe anymore?