Samsung Galaxy S20+ leaks in live images

13 January 2020
The phone will have an Infinity-O display like the Galaxy Note10 lineup, four shooters on the back in tow.

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Anonymous, 15 Jan 2020It's dissapointing to see new, more expensive flagships dropping... moreYes, I was hoping to upgrade from S9+ but the horrible design of the camera is a deal breaker for me. I confirm what the previous person said, it has hybrid SD card slot.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Jan 2020It's dissapointing to see new, more expensive flagships dropping... moreMicro SD slot (hybrid) is available

  • Anonymous

It's dissapointing to see new, more expensive flagships dropping useful features like the headphone Jack , IR blaster, expandable storage, heartrate monitor, etc. Pay more, get less. I'll keep my S8 + for another year.

Uhm nice traffic lights :-)

  • Vlad

It's not worthy to buy this phone in 2020 without 3.5 mm jack and with black of many things.Its another copy of Apple in 2020 the copy paste production has started.A phone supposed to be first a phone then a camera,if you want a camera dont buy a phone obviously.A phone maker supposed to be original bringing stuff to the phone not taking down stuff.Welcome to 2020 the new lack of ideas era the copy paste era where all the phones look the same with no major things added just commercial advertising bullshit.If you understand this then dont buy nothing.They forgot the purpose of a phone.....shameless for a big company.....

  • SamBoy

well I should wait for the note lineup cause they have more pointy corners!
I'm still using the Exynos variant S7, 16:9 screen, normal corners. physical buttons and good looking! XD

Next Samsung, the Samsung S35 Extra plus ++ dual extra with 12G ultra something extra ++. It has extra plus camera's with 35 different lenses...

  • Anonymous

someone, 14 Jan 2020This is not 2014 .. its 2020 .. lol .. move on With your logic of thinking, after a few years probably people will only get a screen.
With each year passes you only get less and less?
It's just their way to maximize their profit.
And they keep doing so because people just accept it blindly. If people hold off buying new phone every year by keeping the current device at least for a couple of years then let's see how the 'trend' goes.

  • Soummya

attractive 😍Samsung ❤

  • mj

no Periscope?

no buy!!!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Jan 2020Was really hoping it didn't have a damn notch. Notch = no go. ... moreYou keep samsung in bussiness? Are you funding samsung? Lol.

  • Andrius

Not buying Sumsung until they bring Snapdragon+Adreno to Europe instead of underwhelming Exynos

  • Anonymous

..why must always follow Apple camera design layout!!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Jan 2020What good is a Google Android smartphone if it doesn't support t... moreHuawei supports all Android apps.
It's ignorant ppl like you responsible for misinformation.

  • Honey

Samsung has bcome irrelevant now havent they? Still cant manage a uniform bezel around the display, most noticeably at the chin, which looks very ugly as a result. When will they produce something revolutionary again as they did with s8?

How Glass back design is premium and metal back is for midrange phones . can someone explain this.

  • someone

[deleted post]Warm yellow pictures with horrible HDR ??? .. no thanks .. happy with any other brand

  • Anonymous

looks clean

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Jan 2020Paying more and, at the same, time lose the face id, the heart r... moreand a lot of those things are not even used

  • Anonymous

Kissio, 13 Jan 2020Every time I see phones like this Samsung, it makes my Mate 30 P... moreWhat good is a Google Android smartphone if it doesn't support their apps and services or the Play Store lol.