TCL sets date for MWC event, new own-branded and Alcatel phones incoming

13 January 2020
The event will take place on February 22 at 18:00 local time.

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  • 7xc
  • 06 Feb 2020

After getting rid of Blackberry, it is high time to dump Alcatel.

    Drg84, 15 Jan 2020Apparently there's a dispute between the two companies abou... moreWhy not just manufacture on their own

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      • Drg84
      • IbI
      • 15 Jan 2020

      LG Superfan, 13 Jan 2020What happened to Blackberry? Apparently there's a dispute between the two companies about licensing fees

        I think TCL are going to surprise us. And Alcatel is making a bit of a comeback. With better designed handsets. And pretty good prices.

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          • snooki
          • SaQ
          • 13 Jan 2020

          Unfortunately, TCL stated that there wont be a new Blackberry in the first 2 quarters of the year

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            • XQF
            • 13 Jan 2020

            They keep displaying never launch any premium 8 series and 8k in nothing matters

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              • 04M
              • 13 Jan 2020

              Its time for Alcatel to die.I was fan of Alcatel.My first phone was Alcatel Club+,and after that i used just Alcatel.Even in smartphone era i use them,from the beginning.And they were good,and updated some of their phones.But recently,in last 5,or 6 years they are horrible.They are like Blackview,or Leagoo.They just sell their phone,and after that they dont give a shit about device.Not updates,not even security patches,atleast in few monts,or once a year.Nothing.Zero support.Please Alcatel die already.And TCL dont start your brand.Its ugly name for phone.You got Alcatel,and failed,you will fail also with that shitty name.

                What happened to Blackberry?

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                  • Fv4
                  • 13 Jan 2020

                  Let's give the French some respect by having Alcatel to make a SD865 flagship killer.

                    Promote Alcatel with hardware like Redmi and TCL with hardware like Mi lineup and company will have strong sales.

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                      • rj23
                      • xCD
                      • 13 Jan 2020

                      I am starting to believe that TCL has got a bright future in the mobile industry. They're on the right track! 😉