Samsung Galaxy S20 lineup won't support 120Hz above FHD resolution

14 January 2020
Samsung will limit the resolution if you choose to go with the 120Hz refresh rate mode.

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  • Anonymous

They should compromise and add a WQHD 90hz option to have a more fluid display and a high resolution

  • Khurram

They can update this feature at any later update if not at launch so don't worry about wqhd at 120 hz.

  • AnonD-784107

QHD+ @120HZ = LIKE 3 hour battery life. Lol. Good idea binning that option.

Anonymous, 15 Jan 2020When OnePlus does it betterNope, Kiddo.
OnePLus Cameras are behing like every other aspect. OnePlus isn't even WATER REPELLENT.

  • Narbazit

Anonymous, 15 Jan 2020When OnePlus does it betterNope, OnePlus is not even water repellent, kiddo.

I'mPhone, 14 Jan 2020Modding software is not reliable and it can cancel your dev... moreThat's true. I always root my phones but it's a risk non the less

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Jan 2020This happens to be something explicitly mentioned by OnePlu... moreThere is a difference between crash and crush.

The solution to this dilemma is simple: make it the default setting but give the users choice to select 120 Hz@QHD+ , with a warning of doing so at their own peril. No muss no fuss.

  • Anonymous

When OnePlus does it better

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Jan 2020OnePlus' technology of QHD@120Hz is not from Samsung. Samsu... moreAll premium oled 120hz display on market are from Samsung. OnePlus 8 gonna use panel from Samsung as well.
Xiaomi does have a different panel manufacturer (not Samsung).

  • Anonymous

This is just to conserve battery life(out of the box).
I am sure in a few weeks after launch, some xda tweak would be out on YouTube Spreading like wildfire showing you how to make the s20 run 120hz at QHD resolution.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]This happens to be something explicitly mentioned by OnePlus CEO at the display demo several days ago. OnePlus8Pro will crash the best OLED screen of iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max.

  • Anonymous

By the way, the foldable OLED screens used by Motorola Razr flip phone does not have anything to do with Samsung.

  • Anonymous

Oppo, Vivo, Huawei and Xiaomi are rushing to deliver the 1st under-the-screen camera, which depends on a special-purpose OLED screen technology. These four companies actually follow 4 different paths to tackle this issue. This is an OLED technology Samsung doesn't have, according to an Oppo engineer.

Huawei and Oppo have worked with all OLED panel supplier on various special projects. According to Huawei and Oppo, in the field of special-purpose OLED technology, Visionox is way ahead of Samsung.

Anonymous, 14 Jan 2020OnePlus' technology of QHD@120Hz is not from Samsung. Samsu... moreDo your research better writing such rubbish

One plus worked with Samsung on the new 120hz screen confirmed by one plus THEMSELVES

simple Google search would have saved you looking foolish

  • Static

Is it not possible to add a 90Hz option to allow the user to be able to decide the level of smoothness/battery usage they prefer or is it due to hardware limitation?

  • Anonymous

OnePlus' technology of QHD@120Hz is not from Samsung. Samsung still doesn't have the technology to run QHD screen at 120Hz properly. OnePlus 8 Pro will have the best display in the history of smartphone, the likes of which Samsung has not yet been to able to attain. In 4 (or 5) critical areas of the display technology, OnePlus8Pro will set the new industry standards, the details of which will trickle down in the coming weeks.

By the way, Xiaomi will deliver its first smartphone with QHD@120Hz in the coming weeks. In the 2nd half of the year, Xiaomi will deliver the first screen running @144Hz. (Xiaomi doesn't use Samsung technology, if you want to know.)

Jaeger, 14 Jan 2020And you haven't thought that, perhaps, there is a technical... morelike you said, it's surely technical. Some 60Hz Desktop-Screens can go up to 75Hz by lowering the resolution to HD. Mi 9 can be overclocked to 84Hz but the colors look weird

Marco M, 14 Jan 2020Not really. It's (almost certainly) a pentile, so the Q... moreyeah, the fly net pattern is annoying

  • Anonymous

LinuxAndroid, 14 Jan 2020There is a slimm difference between 1440 m 1080. So 1080 wi... moreOh sure... Tell that to the GPU and gamers....

No, defensively the difference is noticeably. Maybe this is the year for Samsung to promote this phones between people with vision difficulties and profit the low sales to give them some gifts. At least, those phones will end serving for a good purpose.