Samsung Galaxy S20 lineup won't support 120Hz above FHD resolution

14 January 2020
Samsung will limit the resolution if you choose to go with the 120Hz refresh rate mode.

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That....kinda defeats the point of it -_-

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Anonymous, 14 Jan 2020Fun facts. Lowering your resolution would not get you bette... moreYes, depending on use-case this is very true.

The most energy comes from lighting up the screen. And lighting up the screen doesn't have anything to do with how many pixels there are in an area, but the overall size of the area (and, of course, the brightness levels).

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Fun facts. Lowering your resolution would not get you better SOT ( like Maybe +10-20 minutes more). This aplies for 60Hz. Maybe with 120HZ QHD vs FHD îs a bigger difference în SOT, but i doubt lets wait and see. Its a shame Samsung makes the panel but u can not use them at their true potential.

Seems like OnePlus is the only one that's gonna do it..

Emphasis on seems