LG announces new partners to build car infotainment systems with a voice assistant

14 January 2020
Cerence is a car-focused spin-off from Nuance, which provided the voice recognition for early versions of Siri.

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Stil it takes many many years when the car without driver will drive as acurately as a human can do or a KITT did in Knightrider series.

Abi, 15 Jan 2020My last "Smart Tv" has webos, it was so smart and so amazin... moreU know, in order to use a Smart TV u have to be smart as well, it doesnt work otherwise. I have had, and still have, a few generations of WebOS, obviously i have a few generations bcs the first one i used proved so good. Everything from the first WebOS till now, the last one is especially good. So optimized for this era, so fast, no delay, streaming, sharing, etc... almost feels unreal. I dont even use TV for TV channels, but rather for everything else that WebOS offers. So yeah, from ur comment i can see that u havent used it at all, or u were expecting ur TV to perform like a PC...

  • Abi

My last "Smart Tv" has webos, it was so smart and so amazing that it felt like using a symbian device of yesteryear , ran and got myself an android box, only $30 to save myself the torture.

  • Anonymous

Oh boy, I bet updates will be timely, bug free, and long-term, just like their phone updates!


In video: with market-proven LG OTA system. Who knows, probably their OTA update system works, but not many of their devices saw it in action. :))