OnePlus 8 Pro goes through Geekbench as OnePlus 8 gets certified in India

14 January 2020
The OnePlus 8 Pro is powered by a Snapdragon 865, naturally. The 8 Lite is rumored to use a non-Qualcomm chipset.

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If you used any mediatek processor on any oneplus model which can't buy huge people because huge people are not like mediatek but all are fan of snapdragon, and people are not expected that from oneplus, people are think oneplus is the row performar brand, if oneplus are do anything wrong that type, that is harmful for oneplus future, so i think oneplus are not doing anything that type for her lovers, and i also love oneplus that way i tell you something take care oneplus....

  • Anonymous

Is there any wireless charging options in 1+ 8 series,

Wee, 14 Jan 2020And so?and

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Jan 2020Compromise on another model? Today we have plenty of alternativ... moreThere are, sadly, not a lot of alternatives in the flagship world.

You cannot get a flagship Samsung phone without a curved screen.
You cannot get a QHD+ OnePlus phone without a curved screen.

There are other brands, but people looking for Samsung's ecosystem or the best custom development brand available (OnePlus) will have to compromise.

Anonymous, 15 Jan 2020Almost everyone chooses a curved screen because they don't have ... moreOk but it is another proof that they do what they want not what we want. You always must go for a compromise. In this case technology restrictions are not an excuse it is just someones sense of beauty which all other people must accept. I admit it looks fine but it is a ergonomy nightmare. I was using Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + which was one of the first curved screen phones and I bought Galaxy S8+ 2 years later, now I use OnePlus 7 Pro all screens are curved but my choices were not dictated by the curved screen option and if I could choose I would go for a flat screen.

Hope they release MC Laren edition too.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Jan 2020Almost everyone chooses a curved screen because they don't have ... moreCompromise on another model? Today we have plenty of alternatives to choose. And soon after the MWC 2020 even more. So they can keep their curves and punch holes in their shops that i have a lot of phones to choose with the look i want and the features i need.

No ones need to buy a phone he don't likes because there is no alternative or have to compromise anything. Research a bit and you'll find the right one for you without compromises. Waiting for the MWC and watch all the new models upcoming.

  • Anonymous

Dorsefrith, 15 Jan 2020... indeed they should listen to users. Show me anyone who will ... moreAlmost everyone chooses a curved screen because they don't have a choice and don't want to compromise on another model. Look at Samsung's flagship offerings. They all have curved screens.

Anonymous, 14 Jan 2020Hole punch spoils the top of the screen, the curved glass spoils... more... indeed they should listen to users. Show me anyone who will not choose notch-less, punch-hole-less, flat screen over this curved holed one?

  • Kman

Based on the image, only the Lite version is using the flat screen while the other two versions are using the curve screen. Many users need the high-end spec, excluded the curve screen, like the pro version. No more purchasing desire!

punch hole should in center atleast, being on side destroys the symmetry and bugs alot to eyes

  • Anonymous

Looking good. I just hope this is relatively narrow, like the 7T.

  • omgbutwhy

oh god....why are they using punch-hole on the display. It fully destroy the uninterrupted display as in the 7T Pro. Sad indeed.

  • Dometalican

If Pete had guts, I'd slap a headphone jack on the Lite and watch that fly off the shelves more than at least the OnePlus 8.

That'll show them for removing it...

Unless these phones bring back the headphone jack, give us a Hybrid Dual SIM so we get a choice, AND have at least a 5,000 mAH battery, I'm skipping it again for the 3rd year in a row.

A lot of comments here dissing the hole punch. I reckon OP8P will have IP rating this year, so they have to go with hole punch instead of a pop up...

Just my 2 cents. I would rather a hole punch and IP68, than motorised pop up cam

  • Wee

Woo, 14 Jan 2020I'm not a fan of the curved screen, And so?

  • pajson89

Looks good

I'm not a fan of the curved screen,

  • meh

the missing punch hole (or notch) from a flagship level phone was a serious reason to purchase one plus instead of S10. With that gone, I really don't think it will stand out. Price is not really a factor when it comes to flagships.

Thess dimensity SoC seem interesting lets see how it performs in real world