Black Shark 3 with 120Hz display and QHD resolution leaks

14 January 2020
With regular flagships embracing 120Hz screens it's no surprise that gaming brand Black Shark follows suite.

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RIP Black Tuna 3. ROG 3 will destroy you.

they gotta make the USB on the side, it only the right decision for a gaming phone..

Wait for the 1TB 1PB variant and you are all set

please add 3,5 jack audio . so we don't have to buy converter audio again. and i can use usb for conect to pc to record game use OBS software and use headhone direct to 3,5 jack audio in handphone.

Cheetah2k, 16 Jan 2020Anything over 120hz is a gimmick... Not to mention, really bad... moreI wouldn't say that for mobile gaming. In everyday use, yes - I definitely dare to say that even over 90Hz is a gimmick. But mobile gaming? The higher the refresh rate, the smoother the gameplay. For this kind of phone, a higher refresh rate is definitely welcome.

WhatIThink374, 16 Jan 2020 I bet.Even 64 shoudl be great or 128GB ram to surpass any PC which can be bought in shops.
Well i dont expect cellphone with power of TANHE 2 the most powerfull PC ever build but would and should be fun seeing this happens.

CptPower, 15 Jan 2020Hope it will have 32GB ram 16GB is not enough for multitasking.
I bet.

YUKI93, 15 Jan 2020Meanwhile, ZTE is going 144Hz.Anything over 120hz is a gimmick... Not to mention, really bad on battery.

Hope it will have 32GB ram 16GB is not enough for multitasking.

Meanwhile, ZTE is going 144Hz.

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120hz doesn't it work on 1080p display?

My opinion.. 2K display will consume much more power. I'm not saying 2K display is bad.. That's a good invention! 2k display on a smartphone is really great that /some\ people expect a lot to it.

The question is.. do we really need 2K display? and For what? Commercial use? What's the point of 2K display if a 1080p OLED or AMOLED display have already 120hz and can play 4K video?

travstr, 14 Jan 2020this is true, but you can't really question that Samsung makes f... moreNot completely true. Apple still uses Sammy's displays (along with LG, JDI, etc.) mainly because, as of right now, Sammy is the only manufacturer capable to yield its displays in high volumes. But, Apple is working endlessly to unleash that handicap very soon.

Cyan111111, 14 Jan 2020That will only work on 1080p?? The phone hasn’t been launched yet

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Nice phone, but it needs...
Headphone Jack
Expandable storage
IR blaster
Heartrate monitor

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To keep on 120 fps on qhd will be difficult 😂 if we talk about gaming...

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cooling system on blackshark 2 run pretty bad, i hope thay fixed it on blackshark 3

on the other hand the same cooling system on pocophone run great

Anonymous, 14 Jan 2020S20 will have 120hz. It's literally there on gsma since eternityThat will only work on 1080p??

Does this mean it will have a 16:9 display?

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Cyan111111, 14 Jan 2020I doubt though. It should've being on their upcoming flagship d... moreS20 will have 120hz. It's literally there on gsma since eternity

Anonymous, 14 Jan 2020They will work on higher resolutions, but there is a software re... moreWhy not go all out when the consumers are going to pay a fortune for it?.. just admit it!!