The Doogee S95 Pro is an IP69K-rated modular phone with a Helio P90 chipset

15 January 2020
And a 48MP Sony sensor on the back. There are two launch day add-on modules - an external battery and a 6W loudspeaker.

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Android 9 this 2020?

Google: Wait, that's illegal.

Nice phone. I can't understand,why Gorila glass 4? It's not that durable.

DOG-GEE, 15 Jan 2020Lol, buying a 340 € for an ugly plastic dog-branded phone... 10... moreHelio p90 is great soc.

  • feawfefeafee

price would justified if it used a snapdragon 765,had 1080p amoled display,shipped wit android 10,headphone jack,gorilla glass 5 and an in display fingerprint censor.

Would be really cool if there was a 5g sapphire glass version

  • An phone

Man, this looks like a real winner for those who prefer a more.... bombproof phone

  • Anonymous

I wonder if they have to pay patent fees to Motorola for using this Mods style add-ons ?
Surely Motorola has this as a registered disign.

DOG-GEE, 15 Jan 2020Lol, buying a 340 € for an ugly plastic dog-branded phone... 10... moreDoes it matter what a phone looks like when it is this durable? I highly doubt it will break when being dropped since it has MIL-STD-810G and IP69K rating. Also the Helio P90 isn't "ultra-slow and laggy" according to these benchmarks and reviews of Reno2 Z with the same chipset.­es_its_synthetic_muscle_on_antutu-news-34838.php­­­-z/669748/?pp=2#cb

Welcome to the world of Android with rugged tough shock resistant handsets... And Black View do night/thermal vision...

Android Rocks.


Lol, buying a 340 € for an ugly plastic dog-branded phone... 100% sure when drop this phone on concrete it gonna crush and won't work, because is superheavy and protected with only Gorrila Glass 4 (as Sony Xperia XA2!!!) Plus it isn't suitable for anything cause of the ultra-slow and laggy MediaTek chip. And all this plastic specs for 340 € is just disgusting!!!

  • Dometalican

If it had a headphone jack, I'd get it. The Hi-Fi mod should have at least come with it.

  • Zero

Anonymous, 15 Jan 2020Another Motorola ripoff.At least, they are using their "Moto Mods" on a Mediatek device. And that is loable.

If DooFee starts to sell on other parts of the world they should make a better job with the promotion of this brand.

Anonymous, 15 Jan 2020Another Motorola ripoff.motorolla? How?

  • Anonymous

Another Motorola ripoff.

  • Anonymous

Finally some innovation here regarding robustness.