Oppo F15 debuts: 6.4" AMOLED, Helio P70 and four cameras

16 January 2020
There F15 also comes with a 4,000 mAh battery and 20W VOOC 3.0 Flash Charger.

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  • Tushar Sharma

For those saying that Helio P70 at 20k, see that it has 8GB RAM too.

  • Ankit Gupta

harish07, 19 Jan 2020Rather buy Samsung Galaxy M30sThis one is still better with its camera and smart Mediatek P70 processor.

Rather buy Samsung Galaxy M30s

  • Anonymous

It's common sense, Oppo launches such devices and later OnePlus uses the same design. Don't be surprised if this is the OnePlus 8 Lite in the making.

SohailSays, 16 Jan 2020Only an idiot would prefer this over Redmi Note 8 Pro.AMOLED i guess. But seriously, N8Pro is way much better in ever aspect.

Even Redmi Note 8 is better on every specs for the lower price!
If you're thinking buying one of these, try looking at Redmi Note 8 Pro.

  • Josh V

If you're a bit of a photo enthusiast, never settle for a phone with lower than 12mp ultrawide camera and without autofocus.

  • JIL

Looks like a pretty decent mid range phone...but it will have to be much cheaper than A51 to compete with Samsung.

  • Anonymous

tired with these rehashed p60/70 phone from this group

  • Rave

Why does Oppo release so many phones if it cant even give Android 10

  • Hackbox

Skip OPPO F15 in india and bring OPPO reno3.

280$ for the amoled screen, because i don't see anything else here

  • Anonymous

just why? why? god damn it. 2mp depth and monochrome cameras. can those be more useless than they already are? just let the 2 cameras and use the space and money for a bigger battery. idiotic marketing.

gsmarena, stop using the number of cameras in the title if those cameras are useless! just put titles like "with 2 useful cameras and 2 useless cameras, going to a total number of 4".

Helio p70 for 280$? No thanks. At least they could put g90t for that money.

This F and Reno lineup is a messed up. They had a popup cam and suddenly moving back to notch.

Take a look at how Vivo handled their V series!

  • red

hmmm i saw this specs somewhere... oh yeah...redmi note 8. same same

I know it's a rebranded A91 but...uugghhh...Oppo has been recycling the same SoC for the F lineup since the Oppo F7 and that was TWO years ago. Even the vivo S1 is better deal because it uses a P65 which has a better CPU and a bigger battery at 4500mAh

Only an idiot would prefer this over Redmi Note 8 Pro.

Android pie in January 2020, more than 3 months after the official release of Android 10. Crap!