MIUI Themes is coming back to European Xiaomi users

16 January 2020
After almost two years of absence, the official customization channel is being revived.

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  • gg

More crap why not concentrate on security and privacy

There are a lot of good ones.
Dig in!

  • Lolofo

already have it on Xiaomi Mi 9, (QFAEUXM) official EU ROM

  • Anonymous


I have a Xiaomi phone, and the whole themes fiasco was a spectacular failure for Xiaomi. The fact that Themes even disappeared was a sign that something was seriously wrong behind the scenes, and taking 2 years to bring it back was inexcusable. This should have been fixed in a week at most.

  • Anonymous

The best themes are in china rom
The global rom is plagued by indian themes that just copy the icons and wallpapers from anywhere and call it a theme do it was useless

  • Anonymous

You could always use it by switching region to Switzerland with zero bloatware penalty. Switching to Asian countries also works but it installs a lot of garbage you can't tremove unless factory reset. Like mi store, emoji keyboard, etc.

  • Zteam

B0B, 16 Jan 2020it's already there. I just miss the animated space lockscre... moreSome themes has to be updated to be fully compatible with MIUI 11 unfortunately, but it's probably just a matter of updating the theme.

  • Zteam

Really nice even if I currently use MIUI.EU myself, so I have had access to themes trouble-free anyway.

Even if some themes are dropped it's still better to have some themes than no themes at all.

  • Anonymous

Lot of European users using Xiaomi EU ROM (custom ROM which is based on China firmware).
It already has themes.
Global version is always behind in updates and features.

  • asd

hmm, 16 Jan 2020For the 18 months i have used redmi note 5 pro i have got u... moreYou should be able to swipe to left on notification when you open notification/status bar click settings pic \ more and disable notifications (I am not using rn5 bu I use miui 10 so it should be the same)

  • Anonymous

Is the note 8 pro going receive an update on Android 10?

  • Europan user

Are you kidding? It"s without probkem with country of Monte Negro.

it's already there. I just miss the animated space lockscreen theme that changed colors which they removed with MiUi 11

  • hmm

For the 18 months i have used redmi note 5 pro i have got update for themes every moth while the themes are totally useless. Cant even turn it's notification off and it is waking me up at middle of the night