Weekly poll results: divided opinions lean in favor of Galaxy Note10 Lite over S10 Lite

19 January 2020
The magic of the S Pen and the slightly lower price point make the new diet Note phone easier to love than the not-quite-flagship S10.

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The Note 10 Lite is a winner. The only phone with S-Pen, 3.5mm headphone jack and a non-curved screen. It's also much cheaper than the other Note 10 models.

If only I could find a reason to upgrade my Note 8 I'd pick the Note 10 Lite in a heartbeat. Unfortunately the curved screen is the only issue I have with it, and it's not enough justify an upgrade.

Both "lite" handsets should've came with the Snapdragon 855 chipset, also I cannot understand why the Note 10 Lite has a smaller camera cutout that the S10 Lites display, anyone know?

  • kyokukei

S10 Lite is plastic material. not waterproof, no wireless charging, doesn't support Wifi 6

Just sell cheaper than S10e........

Current price is way too high, nobody will buy both this phone.....

  • WaitForSeriousSpecs

I would like to upgrade from my Note 9 as I do not like the curved screen which is very distracting. The Note 10 lite would be great with the flat screen and headphone jack. If it only would include a dual sim version with dedicated sd card slot or if it would offer 512 gb of ram. FM-radio would also be nice.

My hope would be that Samsung would offer once a Pro version of the Note with bigger stylus, headphone jack, two usb c ports, flat and rectangular screen (with better screen ratio for pdf reading), larger battery, fm-radio, a lot of customizable buttons at the outside - maybe even a scroll wheel and a camera like the Asus Zenfone 6. Good at least with the current Notes are the stereo speakers and IP68...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Jan 2020So let me get this straight. People are voting in favor of a pho... moreI voted for the Note 10 lite , its a good alternative for those who want the s-pen but dont want to spend 1000$ or so on NOTE 10 . I dont find any point on the existence of s10 lite , it cost similar to regular s10 and a one plus 7T pro. Id rather go for a one plus 7t pro over s10 lite

  • Bonedatt

You can still find a brand new Note9 for around $650 if you look hard enough. That's a better phone than the Note 10 lite any day.

  • stobs

Akaike, 19 Jan 2020Oh Sammy what are you doing? You could learn a thing or two from... moreexactly. it doesn't hold a candle to the iphone 11 especially with the s pen and better user experience.

If software or price perfect then its good business. But problem with Samsung is over hyper. Samsung should done snapdragon 855 5G be better for country who have it.

The Note10 Lite would be my pick overall but I prefer Snapdragon over Exynos, and that Exynos SoC they used is from 2018. A big joke.

Oh Sammy what are you doing? You could learn a thing or two from apple instead just releasing phones, confusing consumers. These phones are hot garbage and are no match for the iphone 11.

Anonymous, 19 Jan 2020So let me get this straight. People are voting in favor of a pho... moreNote10 Lite has S Pen Stylus! and probably its software, Telephoto 2x Zoom and Dual Pixel PDAF, weaker cpu, while S10 Lite better CPU, Better OIS, and Macro Camera, do not sure about Camera quality probably s10 lite's is better because of 48 MP, f/2.0 vs 12 MP, f/1.7

Yee, 19 Jan 2020For me a dying"feature" is that back in the day you could fit yo... moreBut wait! You still have back pockets :D

  • Yronk

Anonymous, 19 Jan 2020So let me get this straight. People are voting in favor of a pho... moremust be because best midrange with flat screen...all samsung flagship phone have curve screen....maybe people prefer flat screen over curve

  • g6 user

these phones should have come with sd765 and a lower price to be competitive using same camera sensors than bigger brothers ala pixel formula.
and then these should sell as hotcakes .. whether s20 launch is imminent or not

  • I'mPhone

anhar.muhammad, 19 Jan 2020Samsung starts Galaxy Note 3 Neo strategy again. Lets hope they ... moreThere are rumoured prices already, sadly, it seems quite expensive.

  • aas

they trust in 12mp cameras

  • Anonymous

So let me get this straight. People are voting in favor of a phone with much worse SoC, worse camera and even higher price point just because it's a "Note"

Jesus Christ, Samsung is really great at marketing

  • Sebi

Oh... what's this..


Hello... I'm here... I exist... just found me and use me... my big brothers s20 will not have 3.5 jack... just like me... S10 lite speaking

  • Anonymous

Given an option, people voted they would prefer a slap on the face instead of a kick in the nads.

News at 11.

Anonymous, 19 Jan 2020Two products with questionable existence.Who wouldnÂ’t want flagship name on cheaper price?