Leak: Huawei P40 Pro Premium will join P40 and P40 Pro, have 10x zoom camera

17 January 2020
Also, this is the model with five cameras on the back that we've been seeing - the regular Huawei P40 will have "only" four cameras.

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  • 11 Mar 2020

Anonymous, 18 Jan 2020Sit down boy. You don't understand how Quad Bayers work. ... morelol. tell me how quad bayer sensors work.

    agree, Note4 was a perfect flagship. the design was very unique and beautiful.
    and I'm still not able to adjust on narrower and edged new note devices, it feel awkward using spen near the edges of screen.
    the curve on Note series is a big no no for me and its just useless, it reflects light and makes it uncomfortable to watch.

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      • Abu ilyas
      • dZr
      • 26 Jan 2020

      I wish it will be wider than P20 pro. I am admired of the dimensions of galaxy note 4. It seems that the market trend is to reduce width and increase length. I wish to find a mobile with the same dimensions of galaxy Note 4.

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        • bxd
        • 23 Jan 2020

        Camera setup is impressive but I ain't going to like the front camera to be like this. That's a huge punched-in oblong ......

          We need Harmony OS sooner! Do it do it do it faster Huawei.

            If this renders of the back come true, this is gonna be one impressive scary for competition rear cmaera setup. Bring it on huawei.

              10x zoom camera or 10x optical zoom camera ?

                The base P40 will do me thanks, that'll be a nice upgrade over my current Mate 20 Pro, albeit I do want 3D Face Unlock!

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                  • AnonD-731363
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                  • 21 Jan 2020

                  So instead of P40 lite we get regular P40 then P40 pro will come instead of regular P40 and the Pro Premium model will switch its places with reluular pro models???
                  And also no google services like usualy.
                  I hope Huawei will release Harmony soon for cell phones.

                    Nick Tagataka, 19 Jan 2020The rumour suggests that S20 Ultra will come with 5x perisc... moreNope. It was leaked it will have 10x, but only the Ultra.

                      Jake420, 18 Jan 2020Of course we get 48mp with pixel binning ,what I mean is wi... moreThe rumour suggests that S20 Ultra will come with 5x periscope telephoto module though, as opposed to 10x tele.

                        Jake420, 18 Jan 2020Actually it will have more resolution when in 12mp mode not... moreSo you're telling me that 48MP (effectively 12MP) sensor paired with 125mm equiv. lens captures more details than 8MP one with 240mm equiv. lens at 100x zoom??? What the hell?

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                          • 19 Jan 2020

                          Anonymous, 17 Jan 2020No Google, no interest...nextThere are gapps u need to know how to put them on..

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                            • xD}
                            • 18 Jan 2020

                            DirkPV, 17 Jan 2020Will be a great phone. But can't the (mostly Chinese) manuf... moreConsidering it's the Chinese manufacturers that are pushing the design aspect hilarious thing to say.

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                              • Clau
                              • nDx
                              • 18 Jan 2020

                              Why copying the ugliest last year design of S10 5G, when u should copy the ONEPLUS 7 PRO with full display...at least you should copy the S20 or Note 10 with a small hole, if u really want the IP68 dust/water resistant. P.S. Huawei P30 PRO has better front design.

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                                • 18 Jan 2020

                                NFSLegend, 17 Jan 2020 the back is looking like samsung S20Actually, very much like Honor V30, that came in December 2019. At least 4 months BEFORE Galaxy S20

                                  Anonymous, 18 Jan 2020No, we don't know what 5x is. Samsung's 5x can have a diffe... moreOf course we get 48mp with pixel binning ,what I mean is without binning it's 12mp with 100× zoom will have more detail than the 8mp at 100× zoom

                                    Nick Tagataka, 18 Jan 2020"s20 ultra will have higher resolution compared to 8mp 10&t... moreActually it will have more resolution when in 12mp mode not in 48mp mode.
                                    When both go 100× digital it'll be 12mp Samsung vs 8mp huawei how will the 8mp have more resolution with lower mp count?

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                                      • Pajson89
                                      • S9u
                                      • 18 Jan 2020

                                      Best camera on market again

                                        Jake420, 17 Jan 2020The equivalent focal length is relsted to size of sensor, s... more"s20 ultra will have higher resolution compared to 8mp 10× optical zoom on the p40 pro"
                                        It's a quad Bayer, so no.

                                        "Also 40mp selfie cam sensor size in Samsung is 0.7 that's the smallest in history huawei has no chance"
                                        Wait, do you honestly believe that small pixels is better than larger ones? 40MP 0.7µm sensor has less surface area to capture light than 32MP 0.8µm one, in case you're confused.