First Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro live images leak, 65W charger also pictured

20 January 2020
The phone is expected to have 5G, 65W fast charging, a 108 MP camera.

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  • Anonymous

65W charger will kill the battery very quickly over time.

Why is everyone worried about a little notch? Get real

  • Idkman

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2020just afraid that all the Mi 10 models will end up with notch Its the Hole punch

  • Boon

If only it got 3.5 jack, its a perfect phone for me

  • Anonymous

just afraid that all the Mi 10 models will end up with notch

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Jan 2020no audio jack , no thanks, big disappointment. Wait for the Mi 10T Pro. They're racing each other to the bottom anyways.

  • rick

IR blaster welcomed big times!!!

  • bin

Make it a little better then the Mi Note 10 and you are after a winner ! Mi Note 10 already amazing phone. But the Mi 10 Will be much more expensive. Do it a little better and you will have great sales outside China.

Gusta, 20 Jan 2020Looks ugly because it is thick. It is as thick as Mi Note 10 ser... moreThe huge sensor is not a gimmick at all. It's an awesome 27MP performer night and day, and in broad daylight the 108MP actually does come into play as well. All Xiaomi needs is to up the software performance of their camera, and with an 8-series snapdragon they should have plenty of power for it.

  • 123

Just make very good camera setup and you are after a WIN
If you do middle spec and performance camera setup only China will be your main market because latest CPU screen refresh rates and so on are nothing when you have average camera and your friends have better cameras and mock you every time you take photo and you need to explain "BUT IT has amazing cpu screen and so on...".

Rest of the World looks for close to premium camera setup aka like Huawei's (pitty they are banned and have this trouble outside China).
Xiaomi go the Huawei way. Invest in camera setup. This sells. Trust me.

  • lol

they spoiled us with no notch screens from k20 now every notch and tear will be trash for us lol

  • Jack

KK, 20 Jan 2020Wonder if they also have unremovable advertisement in them too, ... moreYou can turn off the Ad(s) in their software, just use a thing called "Google" to find your answer.

  • KulaPnoT

i want this to be my next phone but if there’s no UFS 3.0, I’m gonna look for something else.

Anonymous, 20 Jan 2020I had a MI8 and have a MI9 and they are great. I was excited abo... moreThe mi10 pro will have a curved screen but there's a very good chance the regular mi 10 won't

Anonymous, 20 Jan 2020Who has named mono sound? As if there is no phones with stereo s... morePlenty you say? Besides Samsung, LG and Asus all of them are midrangers with average chipset and mediocre top speaker sound. And if you are going to say you're not playing games - well, i don't want compromises in performance.

  • Anonymous

I had a MI8 and have a MI9 and they are great. I was excited about MI10 only to find out it have a curved screen the most annoying thing in smartphones ever. I just hope the competition releases nice phones with normal flat screens this year.

  • Anonymous

Kuk1997, 20 Jan 2020Well, you are a fanboy of jack then. I don't get why you are oka... moreWho has named mono sound? As if there is no phones with stereo speakers plus jack plus microSD card. Plenty of them. There is no reason to remove features as we can see in other phones that have all them, including 5G and we will see more soon at MWC. So, at least, for us it is clear. No jack, no buy. We have plenty of alternatives, not only with the jack, plus stereo speakers and all the rest of features we want together in the same phone.

Those phones with comprimises for people like you that accept it and want to carry extra accesories or charge extra devices, etc.

Anders, 20 Jan 2020They're fanboys. They are truly sad individuals who for some rea... moreWell, you are a fanboy of jack then. I don't get why you are okay with mono sound on your phone, it's so poor, considering you will be covering the bottom speaker with your hand too many times. It's a much more valuable feature, because you cannot substitute it with bluetooth or dongles, whereas in the case of jack you can.

Anonymous, 20 Jan 2020You cant put DAC in USB. Quality of USB and wireless audio is n... moreWell, Galaxy Note 10+ has no jack, but the DAC is there, 32-bit/384kHz

rodricav, 20 Jan 2020Punch hole camera on fronta facing pictureWhat a bummer.