Redmi K30 5G is on open sale in China in all colors

21 January 2020
The phone can be purchased from the Mi Store and plenty of local online retailers.

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  • g6 user

mi user interface is fine … and unlock bootloader for what now days no one needs customer roms we can harly hear about updated ones and besides we have strong processor now days

  • MIUI is forever

Raky, 21 Jan 2020If only it would come without MIUI or wit unlocked bootloader...... moreWhy would Xiaomi want to sell you a device without MIUI? Xiaomi is NOT married to andriod (or ARM) platform. Xiaomi is not even married to smartphone business. Xiaomi's connection to either Android, ARM, or even smartphone is accidental and tangential. If multiple mobil platforms (both hardware and software) become available, Xiaomi could support all of them. MIUI is a part of Xiaomi's identity, a critical depository for Xiaomi's software effort which they will carry around from one platform to another, from tech field to another if there are relevance to those software effort. MIUI is more important to Xiaomi than successes associated with any specific models. According to its CEO, Xiaomi will likely transform itself completely when this 5G "war" is done in a few year's time. (This 5G "war" is NOT primarily about smartphones, it is about something else.)

  • Raky

If only it would come without MIUI or wit unlocked bootloader....I would buy it, no matter what it is missing or does wrong....just to support manufacturer that are not trying to charge me for mobile phone more than I use for a house that I live in.

Now this is getting interesting.

When is the review coming?