Qualcomm introduces Snapdragon 720G, 662 and 460

21 January 2020
The Snapdragon 720G, Snapdragon 662 and Snapdragon 460 bring Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1, dual-frequency GPS.

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  • Am

Cyberchum, 21 Jan 2020Most people neither knows nor cares about Gcam, and most pe... moreAGreeeeeeeeee

Cyberchum, 23 Jan 2020"Is 662 worse than 665?" was his question. I can't see 660 ... moreAnd again,he asked me not u. Why u talking with us answer me?

Alex 94, 22 Jan 2020He asked me,not u.Stop making conversation with us,we not c... more"Is 662 worse than 665?" was his question. I can't see 660 there. You can keep getting mad, only hurting yourself, not me.

  • Z-X

Rev-9, 21 Jan 2020Mediatek is back in game with demensity 1000l. CPU and GPU ... moreIt's actually not that surprising as the mediatek dimensity 1000 is meant to be equal to the sd855, so comparing it to the 855, the adreno 640 will destroy it's Mali gpu. The 765G is competing dimensity 800

Cyberchum, 22 Jan 2020No one asked you about SD 660. The comparison is between SD... moreHe asked me,not u.Stop making conversation with us,we not care for your opinion.Sd 662 is better than 665,go and read,u have their site. I will not prove anything to u, cause u are air for me.

662 vs 665
CPU and GPU is same, but strange lower display resolution 2220x1080, missing 4K
Bluetooth and Wifi seems to be better with 662
LTE is worse with 662, but speed 390 Mbit seems to be good enough

Alex 94, 21 Jan 2020Sd 662 is better of sd 665, and that is in camera support. ... moreNo one asked you about SD 660. The comparison is between SD 665 and 662, and all things considered, 665 is better.

If you say otherwise, prove it.

  • Gusta

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2020We are still in the early weeks of 2020, Qualcomm is alread... moreIf real perfomance of Dimensity 1000 is a little bit below SD865 but the price is cheaper, I have no problem with that. As far as it is faster than SD855+ and has 5G modem, why not? As we have known that the speed of SD855+ is already fast for everyday use.

I don't want to spend so much buck just for showing that my mobile has top speed at number 1. Maybe for richer people than me will always wait for SD865. No matter the price is.

  • Anonymous

The development effort within MediaTek is centered around Dimencity family for 2020. If they can deliver D1100 in time, I am pretty sure they will have their "AMD vs Intel" moment in 2020.

  • Anonymous

SD460 +70% performance compared to SD450, quite nice.

  • Anonymous

Taking the lead in the 5G smartphone segment is considered very important by phone-makers and chip-makers. This is the opening shot in a protracted "war" in 5G space. Every company is at their best behavior.

  • Viper

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2020We are still in the early weeks of 2020, Qualcomm is alread... moreIts good for us if the price of the processor will be low then the cost of the phone will be low and qualcom will also start inovation of their chipsets not just rebrand them and sell them by providing very few improvements

InternetUser, 21 Jan 2020is 662 worse than 665?Which number is larger? Answer for yourself.

  • Anonymous

We are still in the early weeks of 2020, Qualcomm is already in panic-mood, starting to cut the price of its chips by as much as 30%. The first round of price cut only involves SD765G. The next round of price cut will be forthcoming if the situation doesn't reverse. This has never happened recent past. It appears MediaTek really rocks in 2020.

  • Viper

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2020There will be more Qualcomm chips coming in the coming mont... moreYeah amd is doing a great job now.We need mediatek cause monopoly is never good.It will force qualcom to inovate their processor.My personal openion is that qualcom is now upgrading their mid range cpu and gpu sockets just look at sd662 and 665 they are almost same.Qualcom has stopped inovation like intel did when their was no compitition from amd they only rebrand their cpu and seel them with higher price and minor changes

  • Anonymous

In previous years, tier-1 companies are eagerly waiting for allocation of their share of Snapdragon chips, while tier-2 companies are waiting for their turn in the 2nd quarter or later. But for 2020, every companies are rushing to get MediaTek Dimencity chips. By the 1st week of 2020, the full capacity of MediaTek Dimencity chips has already been completely taken by tier-1 companies. Tier-2 companies have to wait for their share in the 2nd half of 2020. Snapdragon chips are already freely available to tier-2 companies in the 1st week of 2020. Several Tier-2 companies are ready to release their phones with SD865 as early as March, totally unheard of in previous years.

  • Viper

Those who are saying 720g is a downgrade of 730g;yes in one way it is right but think in other way its just a upgrade of 710 and 712 and it will come in the 15k price range or below.And introduction of sd662 is just useless we already have sd665 for that.And hope it will come with navIC support along with gp and GLONASS.

  • Anonymous

There will be more Qualcomm chips coming in the coming months. There will an SD600 series chip with integrated 5G, coming in a few months. Facing the competitions from MediaTek and others, Qualcomm will be most likely forced to release an improved version of SD865, likely SD865Plus with integrated 5G in the 2nd half of the year. At this point of the year, the choice of chips for 5G smartphones are MediaTek Dimencity chips, D800, D1000L, D1000, according to many Tier-1 smartphone-makers, based on internal testing results. There are also rumored D700, D800+, D1000+ and D1100 coming in the coming months. MediaTek is making all the effort to have its "AMD vs Intel" moment and they may very well make it at least in the 5G smartphone segment.

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2020Didn't get the nokia part :/ please explainNokia update every phone with mtk,the same like models with SD.

  • Anonymous

YUKI93, 21 Jan 2020I can understand the 460 as a direct replacement for the 45... moreActually the 730g costs more so a phone with 730g will cost 16k-18k and if their is a good build qulaity then it will have a price of 17k-19k.So they introduced 720g and it will replace sd675 and it will come in redmi note 9 pro(JUST A GUESS).So a 8nm processor in mid range phone is enough.