New Galaxy Buds Plus renders give us our best look at Samsung's upcoming TWS earbuds

21 January 2020
The second-gen Galaxy Buds are rumored to come with a 50% price hike.

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  • Vaibhav
  • yM3
  • 14 Feb 2020

There are many other earbuds that are much better than these Galaxy Buds Plus. Even their price range is too high. I recently came through this list of best earbuds under $100 (
BeatX really beats all of them.

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    • John B.
    • kgG
    • 24 Jan 2020

    Larger battery is always nice, but with no other new features, especially not having ANC, hmmm....not great. I have had a pair of the current Galaxy Buds now for about three months. They work great, specifically because I am a Samsung user to begin with. But to move into the $200+ price range and not have ANC, nope, I will keep the ones I have now thanks.

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      • The Buds boi
      • jSH
      • 24 Jan 2020

      I mean, I've had a pair of black galaxy buds since the summer in 2019 and overall, they are really good and last me all day when in constant use so to me, a bigger battery is not necessary and for $225 w/ less features and unnecessary battery? Now I don't wanna get the new ones I've been saving up for!

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        • USSLiberty
        • qnc
        • 23 Jan 2020

        I don't see why there's a need for a design change? The current Buds' design is as compact as wireless earbuds its range could be and there's really no point of an unnecessary design change. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. The last thing I want is for the Galaxy Buds to pop out from your ears like the Apple AirCigarettes.

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          • Duelfafnir
          • j}E
          • 22 Jan 2020

          Lol, this is just like the Airpods, "upgraded" but what's really new besides battery change, no design change, although I would like a better battery for my galaxy buds, but at $225??? Well, at least not at $250-260 like Airpods pro. Wait nvm that's only $25- 30 difference... but the difference in price is still similar between Airpods Gen1 and Galaxy buds(25-35 as well)...... my god what is happening to me????

            I read these buds have increased the battery life by 50% putting them at 12 hrs per charge. That is among the best for this size. The only other buds I know that go longer are the Sonabuds at 15 hrs per charge but they stick out your ears and the sound is not as good as the Jabra 65t, although they may be better than the current Galaxy Buds. Still, the sound quality on these would have to be way better than what it is now to justify this price. I'm talking Sennheiser or Sony sound quality. At the very least Jabra 75t sound quality or better.

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              • Jye
              • Gcp
              • 22 Jan 2020

              Amy, 22 Jan 2020so... what is different? a slight battery bump alone isn't ... moreDouble the longevity from 6 hrs to 12 hrs of use time is a big step. That's more than the competition.

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                • Amy
                • 8we
                • 22 Jan 2020

                so... what is different? a slight battery bump alone isn't worth that much!

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                  • Anonymous
                  • SrA
                  • 22 Jan 2020

                  Lol, yesterday these were posted as a Pixel Buds, now the article is deleted :p

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                    • Magnaroader
                    • 63M
                    • 22 Jan 2020

                    Wow! These look so different from the originals! /s

                      It's 2020, 21 Jan 2020no anc no buyWhat the need is better fit, for ear wing and yes anc should be standard for something that's 130+

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                        • Jerr
                        • Emn
                        • 21 Jan 2020

                        Pretty sure they're not 100$ more.
                        I pre ordered from a trustworthy retailer that has them for the same 199 CAD mrsp as the OG GBuds in Canada

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                          • It's 2020
                          • 0@d
                          • 21 Jan 2020

                          no anc no buy

                            Jason, 21 Jan 2020the galaxy buds hurt and itch after a while. About 3 hours in. Try different eartips and wings, mine do no hurt me.

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                              • Optional
                              • HC3
                              • 21 Jan 2020

                              Bruh, if the price here is accurate, these Samsung fellas tryna sell us a bare marginal upgrade for $100 more. I hope the buds plus

                              A) won't be that expensive
                              B) will have more features than just a larger battery

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                                • AnonD-889996
                                • Kx1
                                • 21 Jan 2020

                                AnonD-771260, 21 Jan 2020Sad that market is so over flooded with different viaraty o... moreIt could sell more with headphone jack removal of latest Samsung phones.

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                                  • Jason
                                  • r@5
                                  • 21 Jan 2020

                                  the galaxy buds hurt and itch after a while. About 3 hours in.

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                                    • AnonD-771260
                                    • xI7
                                    • 21 Jan 2020

                                    Sad that market is so over flooded with different viaraty of products that most big companies deciding just to rise the price to get their desired income. Worked for apple but will it work for others..
                                    Sell less earn more.