New Verizon Fios customers now get free Google Stadia Premiere Edition

22 January 2020
The partnership is a nice sign-up promotion for new Fios customers.

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  • Love the Community

The only bright side is that AMD benefited from Google's GPU orders and Google is taking a loss. AMD could sure use that money to develop a new RDNA GPU to be equal to the upcoming RTX 3080 TI.

  • Jason

Dont know why Google thought this was a good idea. Console players want to pay for their game. No subscription. Not even mobile! Why pay when there are free games. haha. I just don't get why Stadia was green lit.

Things are not great for Stadia and Google tries to push its product before next gen consoles will come and demolish it completely

  • Anonymous

LOL Stadia DOA.... Steam and PS5 for Life :)

  • Anonymous

Imagine paying full price similar to games on Steam that are not in sale prices, then only having the option to stream it.

As opposed to a once in a while online drm to comically be able to play an offline game you bought, especially those bundled with Denuvo trash.

Or rebuying your library, at full price, because you gave up your PS4 and Xbox one s and PC.

Welcome to Stadia.