Xiaomi Mi 9 long-term review video

22 January 2020
See what it's like to rock the vanilla Xiaomi Mi 9 flagship as a daily driver.

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  • RP

flagshipper, 17 Feb 2020This flagship of 2019 still impresses me (when rooted and M... moreHow do you mean the OnePlus 7 series lacks features?

  • flagshipper

This flagship of 2019 still impresses me (when rooted and MIUI removed), in fact I can't find alternative for year 2020.

Mi 10 - spec killer again but heavy
OnePlus 7,7T,Pro - heavy, without features, no QC/Qi
Samsung S10,Note10,S20 - disfunctional fingerprint
Google Pixel 4,4xl - pathetic features, poor battery

This Mi phone still has clear strong LED notification light, IR blaster, QC compatible super fast charging without need to buy a specific chargers, crazy fast wireless charging and the weight is still decent!

  • Future Customer?

You guys really shouldn't recommend phone like the 9 mi9T which lacks too many LTE bands. Do they even care? They will never pay attention until sites such as GSM arena points out that the world wants their phones, but they need to include all of the basic LTE bands. in North America the only phones that have a reasonable amount of bands is the Mix series 1,2 and 3. The Mi8, and the Mi9, all of these special variations of the 9, T, Tplus, pro etc always lack the most important bands for At&t and Tmobile. When $100 phones such as the undesirable Umidigi and Blu, comes with all bands, then why doesn't Xiaomi? one Plus has all bands! Cmon Xiaomi fix this gaping issue.

  • Shajm

What is better option Mi9 or Huawei P30? Especially in terms of camera...

good camera and incredible performance.

YUKI93, 23 Jan 2020The only thing that stops me from liking the Mi 9 is the la... moreIt's actually not that bad. They compensate it by using faster shutter speed and crazy high ISO, followed by noise reduction. Sure the raw stream isn't as good as one with OIS, slower shutter speed and lower ISO but the resulting image is good enough for daily use. Moreover, the video EIS is slider smooth so OIS isn't really missed.

22, 23 Jan 2020poor camera you never owned mi9 for sure ans you are liar y... moreYour mi9 cannot step on the little finger on my mate20pro's camera
And yes the mi note 10 is amazing all her friends are so jelewes right now

  • Jopeze

22, 23 Jan 2020poor camera you never owned mi9 for sure ans you are liar y... moreYou don't know you are saying. The camera of the middle 9 is the best at his price range

  • Anonymous

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  • 22

Nick.B, 23 Jan 2020Poor camera compared to huawei top dogs. So pitty because I... morepoor camera you never owned mi9 for sure ans you are liar you never have note 10 for sure

Poor camera compared to huawei top dogs. So pitty because I always loved Xiaomi. My wife has note 10 pro for 1 month now and she and me love it.
I am very eager to see if mi 10 pro when released will be enough monster camera for me.

  • Tim

Agree with most of the video but my experience of battery life is not that good.

The display is AMOLED, and battery life is very related to how you exploit this. If you use true dark themed apps and keep the screen brightness set low then you can absolutely get through a day without charge, and it perfectly usable indoors.

However, for outdoor use, especially in the summer, you need to increase the screen brightness, and that once it is no longer at the very minimum, battery is consumed fast. If you are viewing mostly white content, which often happens when internet browsing, then again the battery doesn't last long.

If you need to view white content outdoors, for instance reading an important web page while riding the bus, then you are down to an hour or so of battery life.

Anonymous, 23 Jan 2020Just because you don't miss it does not mean others would t... moreThat is why he spoke of HIS experience and pretty well explained what his expectations are. Now you know he loves music, but has his favourite albums and that is all.

I personally don't need huge amount of storage as well. But I still have SD card and love it.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Jan 2020Just because you don't miss it does not mean others would t... morePhone's storage is way faster than micro sd cards. Its better to buy a phone with UFS 3 or 3.1. And 256GB storage coupled with 8GB ram.

  • Qc

Anonymous, 23 Jan 2020It is a nice phone indeed. But I decided to go for the leno... moreHow's the z6 pro camera?

  • Anonymous

oPaGanDasTyle, 23 Jan 2020nothing to say about, i have the 6/128GB, lots of music and... moreJust because you don't miss it does not mean others would too.

Especially for people who do not stream or upload their files to somebody else's computer aka cloud.

  • Phrancis

I'm in the US and never owned a Chinese brand phone except a previous One+ (which was great) and took a chance buying the MI9. For such a long time, I was rockin the excellent LG V20 with removable battery, IR blaster, expandable memory, wide angle lens, quad DAC and wanted a new replacement that had as many of those features as possible for cheap. The MI9 fit the bill with good build quality and really excellent hardware value. My concerns about the small battery, no 3.5mm jack, and lack of SD slot ended up being a non-issue. The one thing I don't like is the Miui OS. I have the global version and despite digging down into all the obscure settings, it still has a lot of pop up "ad suggestions" and it keeps wanting permission to use default Xiaomi apps and services. I have concerns about privacy and there are a couple of annoying glitches with the caller app and the fingerprint sensor. Other than that, it's a fantastic hardware value that needs software improvements. I guess that's probably common for native Chinese electronics. My old One+ didn't have software issues...

The only thing that stops me from liking the Mi 9 is the lack of OIS. Xiaomi may trade that for a native ultrawide lens, but it didn't perform as good as its last year predecessor, the Mi 8, in video and low-light.

Dongle life or Bluetooth headphones?
Well, I bought USB C headphones, they do exist, you know!

I picked the OnePlus 7 over this, but the Mi 9 does have faster charging, wireless charging and extra cameras but what I'm really missing are the cameras, the OnePlus 7 just have a depth sensor as second camera, so quite useless.


OnePlus 7 has a bigger battery, brighter display, stereo speakers, USB 3.1, almost waterproof if you check teardowns between both phones.