Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra said to have a stainless-steel frame

23 January 2020
The new phone shapes to be a monster flagship.

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saulius, 26 Jan 2020That would be nice. Glass back is peace of sh... Craking, f... moreThe frame...not the back

  • saulius

That would be nice. Glass back is peace of sh... Craking, finger prints, always look cheap comparing to real metal...

  • Anonymous

Andrew Thompson, 24 Jan 20202000$ fellowMy Essential PH-1 disagrees with your estimate.

stainless steel is very attractive

Anonymous, 24 Jan 2020There are many form of stainless-steel. Some are easily sc... more'put on a casing'
On a phone that's already 6.9 inches.
That thing is more like a tablet than a phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Jan 2020no one is interested in Sony only few more. who wants to h... morei prefer square and boxy design, not like these plagued generic design with curvy sides

  • Anonymous

There are many form of stainless-steel.
Some are easily scratch.. so i am not surprised people will complain scratches to come.

But i guess no one cares. All will simply put on a casing.. and hide everything other then the screen..

  • Drg84

Stainless in phones is nothing new. Nokia used it for both the E71 and the E6. The problem is that the signal is weaker due to the stainless blocking the signal.

Anonymous, 23 Jan 2020Steel is good, but titanium would be better.2000$ fellow

  • Gan

Just blindly follow by removing 3.5mm jack now there is more li ion battery powdered headphones which again is a electronic waste which can used for max 2 years regular....

There is no need of steel and glass for products which is used or supported by company for two years... These only increase the cost and environment damage...biodegradable/recyclable Polycarbonate is the best. Nokia used them in lumia series...

  • Anonymous

imparanoic, 24 Jan 2020not the first phone to use steel, sony xperia t2 ultra, but... moreno one is interested in Sony only few more.
who wants to hold a brick remote design btw?

not the first phone to use steel, sony xperia t2 ultra, but it's interesting for phone manufactuers to use different materials, noted that sony also used an special alloy called ALKALEIDO on their XZ, XZs, XZ1 whick has no light streaks with regular aluminium, nor it's brushed aluminium, it kinda shimmers in the light, it's quite nice look

Morsel, 23 Jan 2020Stop giving stupid ideas. What will happen if the center ... moreWell, they'll remove the steel body and insert a new panel again. It can be plexiglass, glasstic or anything that can pass through electricity for it to charge the battery wirelessly. How come no one did that? Nokia-like strength of the stainless steel body whilst being able to perform the trendy wireless charging due to a window.

A stainless steel frame can be smaller and lighter because it's extremely strong. The issue is that you need to eliminate all the bulk that doesn't carry a load. That's a lot more complicated and expensive to create than an aluminum slab.

I doubt it would use stainless steel for the back of the phone. It would need to be cut up to pass electromagnetic fields, and then all the strength is gone.

  • Anonymous

Steel is good, but titanium would be better.

  • christos41

I think the stainless steel option goes with the premium feel.
On another issue I am based in Australia not happy that the S20 ultra will have the exenos processor. Especially sing the 865 is getting such great performance.
Why cant we choose the processor WE want not what Samsung choose for a specific market

  • Anonymous

Matt, 23 Jan 2020This phone gets worse with every leak. To me, it's a big fa... moreI tend to disagree about the cheaper versions. The new 12mp sensor will be first of its kind for a smartphone with 1.8 microns and should perform better than the current gen with 1.4.

  • Anonymous

Using stainless steel as phone casing is a stupid idea. Use a phone case, and have less weight is the way to go

Anonymous, 23 Jan 2020Because no-one uses wireless charging.I don't remember when the last time I did fully charge my galaxy devices through wires

Love the Community, 23 Jan 2020Can it do Wireless Charging? Why can't manufacturers make a... moreYou don't need any glass panel either with some wireless coil connector port like some of high end and mid range Lumia