Samsung Galaxy S20 appears in Pink and Grey colors, official cases surface

25 January 2020
The LED View Cover is said to have actual LEDs this time.

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  • anonymous

LOL, 25 Jan 2020Could have just put the flash outside the camera bump, not ... moregotta follow the 2020 iPhone trends

  • Boby

Europe not buy exynos. GL samy

  • LOL

Could have just put the flash outside the camera bump, not sure what Samsung is thinking.

Samsung blend s20

  • Anonymous

Case whit water, screen protection and extra battery.

  • Jimbob

Very boring & budget looking..

My thoughts exactly.

  • Anshul

Adding actual LED on the cases gives soke functionality like foldable phones. So smart Samsung, great work. Would also like to see improved clear view cases too.

I'm no expert, but they kinda look cheap! 👍🏻

  • bribeem

so samsung is just gonna put a similar back camera design as itc competitors for their friggin flagship? no new design whatsoever?

with camera technology that they just get the idea from another brand and called it with different name?

with a screen technology that barely put any SIGNIFICANT differences to the human eyes from their predecessors?

with a price tag that keeps increasing every release? with no significant upgrade and only a touch different from the last ITERATION?

without any NEW innovation? I can't even tell a difference

  • Uglysung

Nothing special..these are some of the worst design ever. Yukk

  • Mbiji

Anonymous, 25 Jan 2020no special looks ugly ,worst Samsung designer..and expensive AF..
Worth price maybe for next year when it going down hill..

  • Anonymous

no special looks ugly ,worst Samsung designer