LG posts record sales, but mobile division keeps bleeding money

30 January 2020
The home appliances and home entertainment divisions are the real heroes.

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Anonymous, 30 Jan 2020LG G2 was a great phone. After that it’s been all downhill.It's uphill after V30 onwards...
Hope V60 and G9 up the game further for LG.
They sure needed....

Btw, LG HiFi Quad DAC on audio is second to NONE!

    The problem is they use cheap chip sets no one wants to buy old stuff i use lgv30+ its a gr8 phone doesn't seem to be a problem

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      • X}e
      • 31 Jan 2020

      Alex 94, 30 Jan 2020They should distance from phone market and focus on TV. The... moreTrue. They should stop making mediocre flagships with high price tag for sure. I have an LG monitor for years. Quite happy with it, can't complain.

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        • Justbn_fif
        • 4HG
        • 31 Jan 2020

        Leaving LG this year after 10 straight years. Just have to decide between Samsung or Apple.

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          • GRZ
          • 31 Jan 2020

          YoshiAkash, 30 Jan 2020Ha ha... Happy to hear it. Better they stop making phones ... moreHe he. This tells that you do not know anything about LG phones. Why don't you stop making nonsense when you don't know anything ...

            Ha ha... Happy to hear it.
            Better they stop making phones rather than making bullshit phones.

              They should distance from phone market and focus on TV. They making great TVs with great quality.

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                • 30 Jan 2020

                LG G2 was a great phone. After that it’s been all downhill.

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                  • 30 Jan 2020

                  i was bleeding money too when I bought the damn G3 and G4 with bootloop issues Lesson learned bye bye LG

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                    • 30 Jan 2020

                    Stangpilot, 30 Jan 2020So their answer is to not innovate and become even more obs... moreWas thinking the same about advertising, can't remember ever seeing a phone advert, anywhere. From memory, they seem to get good battery life, but insist on using small batteries. Screens are ok now, I suspect. Cameras are more behind than ever. Audio, used to be the best... No idea now.

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                      • Zaki
                      • 7P0
                      • 30 Jan 2020

                      I've been a long time LG fan. I hope my voice reach to them cause I'm no longer buying their products.
                      The problem with LG is that the company is inconsistent in covering the basics. I.e. updates, camera, and battery life.
                      They think innovation comes at any cost. It's not true.
                      I moved to iphone After 12 years of Android because of this.
                      G2 was legendary. I bought it 3 times. G3, G4 disappointment.
                      G5 ok. G6 not ok. V30+ amazing. And lately G8x excellent. The rest very disappointing.
                      LG. Please get us an excellent camera with legendary battery life in a light weight device and we'll be satisfied.

                        CptPower, 30 Jan 2020With their horrible pricing its no surprise theyre bleeding... moretell me about those horrible pricing ? V50 5G phone about 999$ , G8X was 699$ G8 after 1 month of release 659$ ,the major problem with LG is with advertising their product most people don't know if LG even still making phones , I didn't even mentioned the prices in my country V50 new cost about 400 euro

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                          • Chilitoo90
                          • mpy
                          • 30 Jan 2020

                          Not surprised at this I’ve long been LG Fan until my last G6 fragile easily broken camera glass no customer support they don’t even answer e Mail’s when my contract up will be changing brand after 5 LG mobiles wont be back.

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                            • IbE
                            • 30 Jan 2020

                            Aww man. And they usually put out sleeper phones. My lg v30 is still a beast. Though battery is starting to last less after 2 years. Their new phones are not so appealing. They need to revamp cuz their sleepers are so underrated.

                              Just like Sony and HTC...

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                                • nogi
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                                • 30 Jan 2020

                                record sale? ok if I buy monitor its ok. if I buy tv from lg its ok. but if want to buy lg phone? what they can offer? premium? flagship grade? they stopped in 2015 i believe. so better look better brand then this.

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                                  • SKAAndroid
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                                  • 30 Jan 2020

                                  LG is slow on updates, old UI software skin, no marketing, no new innovation and ghosts from the past. Bootloop provlen with the G4 and v10 andcthe failure of the modular G5

                                    So their answer is to not innovate and become even more obscure in the marketplace? They have good phones, I've owned G5, G6, and now G8, but they don't really leverage that they have good phones. Their marketing costs seem really high considering I never see them advertising their phones in the US. I don't think they will turn it around like this.

                                      With their horrible pricing its no surprise theyre bleeding.
                                      Same goes for Samsung for this year with pricing of their phones.
                                      Soon or later Huawei will rule.
                                      Because even without google services they deliver outstanding phones and because of a lack of google services they added a very charming price.

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                                        • AnonD-833125
                                        • p6g
                                        • 30 Jan 2020

                                        I don't know why LG still keeps this mobile division. They keep loosing money on it for 3 or 4 years now.
                                        I mean, somebody from LG must see this mobile division sale results and think about them?!