FCC writes letter to Congress finding that “one or more” US carriers sold customer location data

01 February 2020
Following in incident from over a year ago, the FCC investigated and concluded that a number of US carrier(s) violated federal law.

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Wouldn't be surprised if this gets pushed under the carpet. However, if an international company is supposedly spying on people then it's WW3 in the marking

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    • d%E
    • 02 Feb 2020

    Let's divert public attention and ban Huawei, problem solved and people feel safe and secure.

      Anonymous, 01 Feb 2020Great if you don't want any kind of cell coverage for the n... moreThe target audience will use the phone exactly the way you'd describe without issue

      It isn't about buzzwords buddy, do you see crpto being used mainstream? I don't think so

      Would you bring up similar points for the deep web even though these same people that use the deep web still uses the regular internet?

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        • 01 Feb 2020

        [deleted post]Really? What are those " block from basic rights and freedoms " that you are talking about?

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          • 01 Feb 2020

          IpsDisplay, 01 Feb 2020No surprise here Take responsibility for your own privac... moreGreat if you don't want any kind of cell coverage for the near future. Until you get millions of people using the device, you won't have any kind of private network access. Oh wait, you want to make phone calls "now"? Or internet access over the cell network "now"? Well luckily it takes a nano-sim. Unfortunately that will contact cell towers. Which is exactly how the carriers got user location data in the first place. Or maybe take your changes with wifi.

          Just goes to show if you throw enough buzzwords into the description of a phone that people will believe anything.

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            • 01 Feb 2020

            Dan, 01 Feb 2020Fines won't drive any changes, try firing some top executi... moreTry prison sentences instead more like

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              • 01 Feb 2020

              Fines won't drive any changes, try firing some top executives and banning them from the industry instead.

                US carriers are no threat to the national security.. let's accuse somebody else for the same BS... there'll be enough empty minded people who'll buy that...

                  US: "Huawei gathered inof of users just like google, apple and facebook did!"
                  BAN THEM!
                  US: our own carriers sold customers locations and info!

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                    • 01 Feb 2020

                    must be huawei"s fault

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                      • 01 Feb 2020

                      IpsDisplay, 01 Feb 2020No surprise here Take responsibility for your own privac... moreOr a Librem phone. But gotta have that iShiny or Sameysung so as to fit in with their starbucks peers.

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                        • 01 Feb 2020

                        [deleted post]They won't.

                        Remember, US citizens did not care when Snowden exposed the NSA spying on foreigners. But they got angry when Snowden also exposed that the same organization was spying on them too.

                          *claps, (repeatedly)*

                          Well done USA. 'Well f***in done.' Now thats capitalism at its very best. Selling users location no-less, to the highest bidder, whoever they maybe. Wow. Just wow.

                          Huawei might've been doing it for their own spying/national interests, (proof doesn't yet exist, but I'm sure they're somehow doing it), however this was pure greed. 100%. Congress should make an example of these 'one or more carriers' by fining them for billions each and hand the collected fines over to the victim American people.


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                            • 01 Feb 2020

                            I'm dumbfounded!

                            Oh wait, I'm not, as long as we have single points of failure they would always ... fails. If you have to trust someone you can as well trust noone. Such important info should always be stored and maintained in a decentralized, we are early days of the digital era, no wonder we are such savages still...

                              No surprise here

                              Take responsibility for your own privacy

                              Get a BOB smartphonephone by pundi X it's decentralised , no worries for carrier spying etc

                              And utilizes block chain for privacy

                              Surprised no one covered this phone at CES 2020

                              Just the usual run of the mill coverage on overhyped brands like Samsung

                                Not surprising