Motorola Moto G Stylus full specs leak

01 February 2020
It's expected to be unveiled on February 23 at the company's MWC event in Barcelona.

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  • Anonymous

stobs, 03 Feb 2020moto's solution sounds to me like the general gps location ... moreStill better than no having any way to prevent the loss.
Motorola always come with better ideas

  • stobs

Anonymous, 03 Feb 2020"Apart from that, you will also be able to track the wherea... moremoto's solution sounds to me like the general gps location is recorded, not true location tracking. if you left it on the bed, it will still show up as 'somewhere in or around your house' in the tracking app.

on the other hand, sammy's note 10 lite is supposed to have bluetooth 5.1 certification which allows true location tracking of devices (as opposed to gps tracking) but it is not clear whether this is truly the case or whether the hardware is present and software update is pending.

  • Anonymous

"Apart from that, you will also be able to track the whereabouts of the stylus using the app, which will record the time and location the last time you removed it from the slot. It will also send a notification if the stylus hasn't been reinserted into the phone for a while," are the latest Samsung Note variants capable of these things too?

  • Anonymous

If it's cheap and come with NFC, i'll buy one

  • Danmax

Screen size should be at least 7 or else whats the point of having stylus as well as processor and ram capable enough of handling two apps simultaneously.......

  • Ayan Crownyse

Okay~ So let me get it straight...
This phone rests between the Galaxy note series and LG's stylo series essentially?

  • Latvis

Again, same mistakes. Only 4000mAh power and 10W charging speed. wtf :( If they would put at least 5000mAh and at least 18Wm then I would possibly buy this phone.

It's good to see Motorola back with other options. There flagship will have an 865 is will be pretty good. But they are using midrange SoC, on devices which are perfectly sufficient for the everyday user that uses there smartphone for things videos, browsing, social media. And even word, excel etc. Obviously only the 865 version would be more inclined to those who like to also play a few games. And even fairly moderate/medium usage of gaming. So Motorola are back with there own dynamic vision of range needed for consumers. Not all consumers are aware of the CPU. And so if they can perform the task that is needed. And does the job well. Then that's the phone the consumer likes. Or willing to pay for. At least with android we are overwhelmed with choice...

  • Anonymous

Travis999, 01 Feb 2020So a cheap version of Samsung note, which I like but are sa... moreCheap? In components sure, in price... not sure. It's the alleged premium mid-range brand... so nope. Lenovorola ftw... XD

  • Travis999

So a cheap version of Samsung note, which I like but are samsung, so I'll only buy them 2nd hand,im never putting a cent into Samsung coffers by buying new, even if I could afford to. Most of the stylus bits on Samsung notes are a waste of space, I only ever use the note taking bit, and have the rest closed permanently. Motorola seemed to have kept it simpler, will have to see what price they drop to before trying one.

I expected a Samsung Note 10 killer for upt to 400 bucks but no.

G8 Plus but with a stylus? It could be a possibility.